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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Wind Energy to Command a Larger Piece of the Renewable Energy Pie

Here in the U.S., energy generated by domestic wind farms has nearly tripled in just the past four years and represents about a third of all new power added to the U.S. grid over the past five years.Photo Credit: Martin Abegglen, Courtesy Flickr

By EarthTalk®

Hydroelectric sources of power dwarf other forms of […]

Is Wind Energy for the Birds?

By Patrick Martin, Green Alliance Staff Writer

On Jan. 29, New Hampshire wind energy advocates, including Portsmouth wind energy firm Eolian Renewable Energy LLC, dodged a bullet. The N.H. House of Representatives struck down a bill that would have placed a moratorium on wind development in the state. This would have been a major blow […]

November 18 Green Energy News


“The U.S. Government Has Invested $34 Billion in Renewable Energy – and It’s Making a Profit” Is the United States government a savvier investor in green technology than Silicon Valley’s masters of the universe? It sure looks like it. A report shows that the DOE has far fewer failures than a typical venture capital […]

November 16 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

Solid-state batteries capable of delivering on a 400+ mile range per single charge are a real possibility and possess “great potential” according to Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board Dr Martin Winterkorn. If such a battery can be economically manufactured, then that would more-or-less turn the industry upside-down. [CleanTechnica]


The UK’s Junior […]

November 15 Green Energy News

Resilience and Sustainability:

The first article in a new series in The Guardian about individuals helping to make cities more resilient: There are many lessons to be learned from Alex Wilson’s farm in Vermont. Building durable, well-insulated buildings with simple, redundant systems out of easy-to-fix local, renewable materials in strong, caring communities makes sense just […]

November 14 Green Energy News


“OPEC Doesn’t Take Electric Cars Seriously” Just how dominant will oil remain? In the latest OPEC World Oil Outlook report, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries thinks that electric cars will have almost no impact on oil usage. I say let’s prove them wrong. [Gas 2.0] “More Lies From ALEC About Climate Change” I […]

November 13 Green Energy News


“China’s Climate Change Plan Raises Questions” Many questions surround China’s plans, which President Xi Jinping announced in Beijing alongside President Obama after months of negotiations. In essence, experts asked, do the pledges go far enough, and how will China achieve them? [New York Times] “Carbon Capture, Water, and the U.S.-China Climate Agreement” The agreement […]

November 12 Green Energy News

World: US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced both countries will curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades. The US would cut its 2005 level of carbon emissions by 26-28% before 2025. China would peak its carbon emissions and get 20% of its energy from zero-carbon sources by 2030. [CNN] […]

November 11 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

Grid operators may be able to use buildings to help regulate grid frequency as they integrate more renewable energy sources. Variable-speed drives used to run heating and cooling systems can be rapidly modulated by grid operators to keep the frequency of electricity on the grid within necessary tolerances. [Energy Collective] The Canadian […]

November 10 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology recently announced it has made white solar PV modules to use in buildings, offering applications in several consumer-centered sectors. The technology can be used to modify any crystalline solar PV module to produce white or coloured modules. [CleanTechnica]


The Climate Council says foreign investors […]