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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

From Renewable Energy Vermont:

It’s Getting Colder Register Now to Learn the Latest on Thermal Energy!

Renewable Energy 2014 (RE 2014) is coming to the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center in Burlington, VT this Thursday and Friday, October 16 & 17. Register to attend the conference at

Register to Attend Session Highlight

Thermal Solutions for Commercial, Industrial and […]

From Renewable Energy Vermont:

RE2014 Tackles the Human Behavior Element to Reaching 90% Renewables by 2050

Burlington, VT — “Leading the Change in Energy” explores the challenges and opportunities of transitioning into an efficient, renewable energy future from the most critical aspect: human behavior. With the average American spending just six minutes per year thinking about energy, how do […]

From Renewable Energy Vermont:

Register Now! REV Conference & Annual Meeting Luncheon

Hello REV members,

Please register for the REV conference if you plan on attending – fees increase on Thursday:

ALSO — REMEMBER, you must RSVP to attend the Annual Meeting Luncheon on Friday 10/17 from 12:45-2 pm. This is your opportunity to hear what […]

RE2014 Conference & Expo

Keynote Speaker: David Hochschild

Join us as Keynote Speaker, Commissioner David Hochschild, describes the what, why, and how of renewable advancements in California and what Vermont may consider as we move towards our statewide goal of achieving 90% of all of our energy needs through renewables by 2050.

With a career spanning public service, […]

From Renewable Energy Vermont:

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation has issued a request for proposals for a 200 kW rooftop photovoltaic installation located at its Burlington, Vermont headquarters. Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) is seeking a contractor to design, supply, install, and commission a fully integrated and operational photovoltaic (PV) electric generation system on the rooftop of 128 Lakeside Ave. […]

From Renewable Energy Vermont:

Re-Issue of City of Montpelier RFP

Hello REV Members,

Please be advised that the City of Montpelier has re-issued their RFP for group net-metered solar PV. A copy is available here.

The City of Montpelier seeks, through the fruition of this project, to take significant steps toward its recently adopted net-zero energy goal. […]

RE News

Greetings REV!

Hello REV!

As spring begins to join us here in Vermont, REV remains highly active at the State House (they all finish up on May 9), in the Partnership Program, the Public Service Board (PSB), the Vermont System Planning Committee (VSPC) and more – on your behalf. Scroll on down for specifics, and […]

Renewable Energy Vermont Announces Position on Vermont as a “Green Energy Corridor”

In response to several proposals to transmit energy from Vermont’s north and west to markets in southern New England, the REV board of directors today announced its support of a “Green Energy Corridor.”

While REV has not endorsed any specific proposal, the trade association favors projects that:

Transmit renewable energy only. Provide a public good […]


Request for Presentations |

RE 2014 Conference and Expo: “Leading Change in Energy: The People, Policies, and Products”

About the Conference: The 2014 Vermont Renewable Energy Conference and Expo, scheduled for October 16 & 17, highlights current energy challenges, Vermont’s leadership role in the energy industry, and moving towards an integrated energy infrastructure […]

Renewable Energy Vermont Celebrates the Signing of 2014 Net-Metering Bill into Law

New law re-opens the opportunity for self-generation to all Vermonters

East Montpelier, VT – Governor Peter Shumlin signed H. 702 into law Tuesday morning at the McKnight Farm in East Montpelier, with the enthusiastic support of renewable energy businesses and others supporting a clean, sustainable energy future.

Net-metering, the state program that allows Vermonters […]