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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Every Day

G.E.T. staff

The Green Energy Times Team wants to share some ideas with you on what you can do now to help the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. We hope you learn some new ideas that you can adapt to your everyday lives. More ideas will be shared in the coming issues […]

Carbon Cashback Coalition in New Hampshire

George Harvey

We live in distressing times. It is bad enough that there are over a hundred wildfires in Australia, and one of them is a good deal bigger than Delaware, but climate change is clearly hitting the United States, with droughts, floods, and wildfires of our own. Climate activists have […]

Going Green On a Budget


Jessie Haas

We can’t all afford a heat pump, EV, or solar panels, but we can still cut our carbon footprints and save money at the same time, through changing a few habits.

Nega-watts (the electricity we don’t use) are the cleanest and greenest, and there are many affordable […]

Boosting Our Global Immunity through Community Resilience

Jennifer White

Our healthcare system in this country is not well. At the very least it is not affordable, but at most it seems more suited to diagnosing and treating sicknesses than to recognizing and enhancing wellness. It is at its best when we are feeling our worst—during acute care interventions when our life […]

Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Expo Returns September 14

EVs on display at the 2018 Upper Valley EV Expo for National Drive Electric Week. Image: Dave Roberts of Efficiency Vermont.

Electric Vehicles (EV) have been growing by leaps and bounds. There are now eighteen plug-in hybrid and eighteen all-electric models available at dealerships in Vermont, and twelve of […]

Green Energy Times Is Ten Years Old!

When I founded Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) ten years ago, the expectation that it would be so well received and have as far and broad of an outreach area as it is today never entered my mind. I just knew from my own personal experience that solar works! I also understood that energy and building […]

A Letter to My Great-Grandchildren

By Greg Whitchurch

Hello from 2018. This is your great-grandad, Greg. I’m writing to you because I suspect that your parents and grandparents have shown you some of my old photos, and I just want to explain some things about those pictures of me and my cars, me barbecuing hamburgers, sitting around bonfires, our family […]

Derry, NH Town Councilor Inspired by G.E.T.

To the Editor:

Around two and half years ago, I randomly picked up an edition of Green Energy Times while waiting for my child to be seen by her pediatrician. We had just had our second child, my first term as a Town Councilor was coming to an end, I had just suffered an election […]

Recent Monthly Average Mauna Loa CO2

The graph shows recent monthly mean carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii.

The last four complete years of the Mauna Loa CO2 record plus the current year are shown. Data are reported as a dry air mole fraction defined as the number of molecules of carbon dioxide divided by the number of […]

Late Breaking News

By George Harvey

In the April edition of Green Energy Times, we had an article, “This Is Not a Tragedy – It’s the First Act of a Comedy.” Now, it looks like the second act has started. More than once in the same week, as I worked on finding news items, I broke […]