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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A Net-Zero Home in Hanover

The Kaiser Gish house in Hanover, NH is retrofitted to achieve net-zero status. It includes three all-climate air-source heat pumps and an 8kW rooftop solar array. Photos courtesy of Karl Kemnitzer.

Karl Kemnitzer

With the recent release of reports from three main climate organizations (UN IPCC, U.S. National Climate Assessment, and World […]

Pairing a Solar System with Heat Pumps

A 6.3kW grid-tied solar electric system paired with two single zone Mitsubishi heat pumps in Bath, Maine. Image: Maine Solar Solutions.

George Harvey

Things are changing almost everywhere energy is used. Increasing numbers of people are switching to solar photovoltaics (PV) to power their homes. And increasing numbers are switching to heat […]

UNH Biomass Boiler Project Is Underway

Rendering of the completed Northwest Biomass Heating Plant at UNH in Durham, NH. Image: Weller & Michal Architects, Inc

Jim Van Valkenburgh

After a long summer of construction, Froling Energy is now finishing up the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) first large-scale biomass boiler system. The new Northwest Heating Plant will provide heat and […]

Only the Heat You Lose

A Habitat for Humanity Passive House in Vermont. Image: Chris Miksic, CPHC, Montpelier Construction.

Greg Whitchurch

You know how after your furnace has gotten the house all warm and cozy, a little while later it comes on again – and then again? What happens to our heat? Does it wear out, or just fade […]

National Bioenergy Day

Green Energy Times Staff

The Sixth Annual Bioenergy Day is on October 24, 2018. It is a day for the industry to let everyone know what bioenergy is all about.

Bioenergy is not just logs and wood chips. The industry includes processing and using waste products from industries relating to forest products, […]

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in New York

George Harvey

One of the spectacular successes of clean energy is that it is proving to be both least expensive and most comfortable. This is happening with increasing frequency across a number of technologies. One place where it is true is with heating and cooling.

We have known for some time that […]

New Product to Heat or Cool Homes:

Dandelion Air

Most of us know a company called Google, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet. Another Alphabet subsidiary is Dandelion, which arose out of X, Alphabet’s research and development laboratory.

Dandelion launched a new product system, the Dandelion Air, on May 30. The Dandelion Air is a smart, all-in-one home heating and […]

VP NEGPA Wins NY-GEO Top Job Award

NEGPA’s Vice President and 2018 “GeoStar Top Job” award winner, Larry Lessard (center), with John Manning (left), NY-GEO Board Member and President of Phoenix Energy Supply, and Jens Ponikau of Buffalo Geothermal (right), 2017 award winner. Photo:

By Larry Lessard and Michelle Harrison (G.E.T. staff)

The 2018 NY-GEO conference drew an international crowd […]

AWEB Supply, Geothermal Pioneer

A Slim Jim® 40 ton (HR) “POND LOOP IN A PACKAGE” consisting of four SJ-10T plates assembled with frame on skids, 3″ manifold and 3″ flange connections. Courtesy photo.

By George Harvey

Alan Watts had seven years’ experience in heating and cooling when he designed his first geothermal project in 1981. It […]

Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems and the Market Awareness

Note: tCO2e: Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is a measure that allows you to compare the emissions of other greenhouse gases relative to one unit of CO2. It is calculated by multiplying the greenhouse gas’s emissions by its 100-year global warming potential. Get the data behind the graphic at

By Jeff […]