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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Summer Ventilation and Cooling

Using Air to Air ERV to precool the Fresh air in Summer time. Image Wikimedia Commons/MoeSalem

Michael Canavan

Now that summer is approaching, homeowners need to consider the summertime ventilation and cooling needs for their homes considering energy usage.

Natural ventilation is as simple as opening windows on your house in a way that […]

Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water A/C Hack

Heat pump domestic hot water maker air conditioning hack. Image:

Jeff Rubin

You may know that heat pump (HP) technology has come to domestic hot water heaters (DHWs). Like all heat pumps, they use a refrigeration cycle to leverage latent ambient heat. This can result in half or even a quarter of the […]

Cleaning Heat Pumps

Heat pumps get dirty and every heat pump requires annual cleaning. Images WeCleanHeatPumps.

Jesse Haas

Heat pumps are such a game-changer, heating or cooling our homes using electricity. And doing it cleanly?

Yes, if we clean them, which is something many home-owners don’t take into consideration. But failure to properly maintain mini-splits can have […]

Heat Pump Magic

Bruce Sullivan

We take it for granted. Refrigerators draw heat from inside a cold cabinet, and they reject that heat into the surrounding air. You can feel the heat in the space behind a refrigerator. Pulling heat out of seemingly cold air may seem like magic. But it’s just basic physics. The principle of […]

Reduce, Adapt, Drawdown! Go Rad Now!


Lori Barg

Are you a student, teacher, or mentor with skills to share? Do you want to solve real-world problems while working together in teams using a lot of common sense and a little money? The Champlain Maker Faire (CMF) is developing two programs to help solve real-world climate problems, RAD1and Scrounge-a-thon.


Wood Heat is Essential to Carbon Drawdown

Jeff Rubin

In order to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to do two things: reduce pollution from heating our buildings and maximize carbon sequestration in forests.

Part one: Reducing heating pollution

Most heating pollution comes from America’s older, less efficient buildings built before 1980 and heated with central […]

Community Outreach Strategies to Drive Renewable Heating

Heating with a ground source heat pump is an effective way to reduce emissions.

Val Stori

Space and water heating represent a large portion of the energy used in homes in the Northeast. Most of this energy comes from fossil fuels, and combined, space and water heating account for 60 to 70 percent of […]

Keeping Warm with Our Masonry Heater

A masonry heater uses wood efficiently and can be the primary heat source for your home. Dogs like them, too. Image: Dan Crosby.

Dan Crosby, Local Energy $olutions

We have no oil furnace. Instead, we heat our 1900 sq. ft. home in Bethlehem, NH by burning 3.5 to 4 cords of wood […]

Pond Geothermal Heating

In the North, a pond has to be deep enough for the heat exchanger to be at least two feet below the ice all winter. This is usually six to eight feet. Photos courtesy of AWEB Supply.

George Harvey

Many people seem to be confused by heat pumps. The fact […]

Free Webinar 8/5 – Community Campaigns for Renewable Heating and Cooling Technologies, Part 2

Community Campaigns for Renewable Heating and Cooling Technologies, Part 2 Monday, August 5, 1-2 pm ET


Please join the Clean Energy States Alliance for the second in a two-part webinar series highlighting the role renewable heating and cooling campaigns play in decarbonizing buildings and in helping states meet their carbon […]