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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

ThermoLift Heat Pumps

Paul Schwartz, CEO/Co-Founder of ThermoLift, showing a prototype unit. All photos courtesy of ThermoLift

George Harvey

Some things are both counter-intuitive and extraordinary. To understand them, we really need to have a grasp of science. So I hope no one minds if I start with explaining a couple of things […]

Geothermal Seminar

Join the New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA) for their bi-monthly Geothermal Seminars – non-members are welcome to attend as well! Topics for discussion in this seminar will include:

Seasonal thermal energy storage for sustainable heating & cooling Case study of a thermal powered building in Portsmouth, NH


Mark […]

NHEC Incentives Help with the Cost of Heat Pumps, and Weatherization

By Seth Wheeler

Time to Rethink How Heat Pumps Are Used

For a long time, heat pump technology was like pecan pie and sweet tea – something best enjoyed in the south. In New England, winter laughed at heat pumps, which back then produced heat only when temperatures were in the mid-30s or warmer. But […]

Heat Pumps: How They Work and Why They Are So Efficient

By Jake Marin, Efficiency Vermont HVAC Program Manager

When most people think of electric heat; efficient and inexpensive are not the first words that come to mind. However, with current heat pump technology, this is exactly what you get. In Vermont, air- source heat pumps (also known as mini-splits or ductless heat pumps) have garnered […]

Geothermal Heat Pump with a Pond Loop

More Efficient than Air-source Heat Pumps

By George Harvey

There was a time when farms often had fish ponds on them, and many could be used for heat. This is a fish farm in Sainte-Famille, ile d’Orleans, Quebec. Photo Selbymay, Wikimedia Commons.

Regular readers of Green Energy Times probably do not need […]

Cold Climate Heat Pump Workshop

Wednesday, May 6 Do Cold Climate Heat Pumps Make Sense for You?

Cold climate heat pumps have rapidly emerged as a promising technology for Vermont. Come to a workshop to learn about heat pump options for both hot water and space heating to see if they make sense for your home. This workshop will cover […]

NESEA Speakers at BuildingEnergy 15: Marc Rosenbaum

Tuesday Workshop – Marc’s Zero Net Energy Deep Energy Retrofit

Tuesday, March 03, 2015 10:00 am to 1:00 pm BuildingEnergy 15 Workshops

A building energy geek gut-renovated a small house. Learn about the decisions made, and consequences thereof; about choices of construction assemblies, materials, windows and doors, and mechanical equipment. Successive blower door test […]

Energy Co-op of Vermont launches an innovative heat pump leasing program

November 12, 2014, Colchester, Vermont The Energy Co-op of Vermont, a northern Vermont heating fuel provider and energy efficiency Co-op, announces the launch of Co-op Heat Pumps, an innovative heat pump leasing program. The Co-op Heat Pump program offers homeowners a super-efficient Fujitsu heat pump for less than $40 a month on a ten-year […]

From Heating to Cooling, Heat Pumps are Win-Win!


By Mike Hamlin

It is no secret that this has been a much colder winter than normal. January, February and March HHD’S (heating degree days) were on average 16% colder than 2012-13 with March topping 24% colder than normal. In spite of […]

February 21 Green Energy News


“The World’s Largest Solar Plant is Frying Birds — Should We Worry?” The world’s largest solar power plant, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, officially opened for business a few days ago, but not all environmentalists are happy about it. [inhabitat] “Anti-Clean Energy Lobby Targets Ohio Renewables” The chair of the Ohio Senate Public […]