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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Get a Robotic Mower and Take Back Your Time

Q: What’s wrong with this picture?A: No Handle!Q: What else is missing from this picture?A: No YOU!

N.R. Mallery, publisher of G.E.T.

Robots are all around us. From vacuum cleaners to vehicles, at work and home, they have arrived.

My personal favorites are my two robot lawnmowers. I tell everyone, they are the next […]

Congress Approves North Country Trail Extension into Vermont 

Congress Approves North Country Trail Extension into Vermont

Roger Lohr

This April, Congress approved bipartisan legislation, the North Country National Scenic Trail Adjustment Act, introduced by Vermont Representative Peter Welch that will extend the 4,600-mile North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT) from Crown Point, New York into Addison County, linking […]

Boating with Muscles and No Fossil Fuels

Images courtesy of Tamsin Venn.

Tamsin Venn

One of the beauties of kayak touring is that it is so easy to do. Anyone can take up the activity with minimal instruction, and you don’t need to be the Hulk to move your boat nimbly over the water. You go as […]

Rockin’ the Boat

The Hudson River Maritime Museum’s 100% solar-powered tour boat Solaris, formerly known as the Solar Sal-44, is on the Rondout Creek in Kingston, NY. Photo credit: Hudson River Maritime Museum.

Jenna Batchelder

As summer draws closer and the weather gets nicer, boating season will begin. Many people are looking into purchasing boats. […]

Appliances and Energy Efficiency

Front-load washing machines are more energy efficient than top loading ones, as they save water and electricity. Image:

Jessie Haas

Many of us are aware of the impact that changing out an old appliance can have on our fuel bills and carbon footprint, and the older the appliance, the […]

EAT-Lancet with a Grain of Salt

Jessie Haas

The EAT-Lancet commission’s report, “Food in the Anthropocene,” which recommends a near-vegan diet for the health of people and the planet, dropped with major fanfare and a large PR budget, in five cities world-wide. It was widely and uncritically reported in the mainstream press. Critiques of the report were also published, but received […]

What is a Low-carbon Diet?

Is it Good for Losing Weight or Is It Only About Saving the Planet?

Reducing red meat, dairy, processed and air-freighted foods is an easy way to lower your own carbon footprint and help the world battle global warming. Credit: Pixabay.

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The […]

Caveman Crayons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Jessie Haas

Crayons are one of humankind’s oldest drawing media, invented right after the finger tracing a line in the dust. Archaeologists believe the oldest known piece of human art is a series of cross-hatches drawn across a shard of rock with an ochre crayon. Natural, wholesome, and suitable […]

LEAF BLOWERS – Bad For the Environment and You

Leaf Blowers emit as much pollution in one hour as driving a 2016 Toyota Camry 1,100 miles.

Upwards of 170 American cities in 31 states (as well as five cities in three Canadian provinces) have some kind of leaf blower restrictions already in place. Credit: Dean Hochman, FlickrCC.

EarthTalk®, from the Editors of E […]

Outdoor Gear – Taking on Sustainability

Tent maker, NEMO Equipment, is one of the smaller outdoor gear brands known for its commitment to sustainability. Image: Dean Hochman, FlickrCC.

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss (EarthTalk®)

It’s true that Patagonia has long been a leader in sustainability initiatives. More than two decades ago the company switched over to organic cotton and soon […]