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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Wallace Broeker’s Final Warning

Wallace Smith Broecker. Image: Wikipedia

George Harvey

Wallace Smith Broecker, the man some people have called the “grandfather of modern climate science,” died on February 18, 2019. He was 87 years old and had been suffering from heart disease for decades. He worked despite his illness, and he addressed other […]

2018: A Sustainable Year in Review

Moonrise over the Cranston Fire. CAL FIRE photo.

George Harvey

This year, some impressive developments have started to become clear. In some ways the most impressive of these has been the continued decline in the costs of electricity from renewable resources. Two reports on the “levelized” cost of energy (LCOE) that came out in […]

Sustainable Practices at Ski Areas: Getting Green Done

Fan gun undergoing performance testing by Efficiency Vermont during NSAA’s 2015 annual Winter Conference at Killington.

Lillian Eden

While ski areas may have a reputation as high energy users, employing more sustainable options make both financial and social sense. That was the message at the inaugural Northeast Weather Summit in a session on efforts […]

Happy New Year – Planet Earth

Jessie Haas

Are you feeling resolute? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National Climate Assessment have laid out one view of our future on the blue planet, a deeply unattractive one. Now we have a choice: curl up in a fetal position, sucking our thumbs, or resolve to go […]

Only the Heat You Lose

A Habitat for Humanity Passive House in Vermont. Image: Chris Miksic, CPHC, Montpelier Construction.

Greg Whitchurch

You know how after your furnace has gotten the house all warm and cozy, a little while later it comes on again – and then again? What happens to our heat? Does it wear out, or just fade […]

The Time to Act is Now!

The Johnson Bayou Branch Library is built for high storm water. Image: FEMA.

George Harvey

Scientists commissioned by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have produced their report, “Global Warming of 1.5°C” ( Put as simply as possible, the report says we can keep global warming to 1.5°C, but […]

Greening the Harvest Feast

Jessie Haas “Historically, we’ve tackled the biggest challenge—that of meaning, and the question of how to live a life—through the concept of ‘practice’ in the form of a religion, cultural tradition or disciplines like yoga or martial arts. Given the stark facts, this approach might be the most useful. Practice has value independent […]

Court Rules in Favor of Youth Plaintiffs

Youth plaintiffs (Robin Loznak | Our Childrens Trust)

By George Harvey

In 2015, a group of youthful plaintiffs aged eight to nineteen filed a lawsuit against the United States claiming that the federal government was “deliberately allow[ing] atmospheric CO2 concentrations to escalate to levels unprecedented in human history.” They further claimed that […]

Rising Seas: “Florida is About to be Wiped Off the Map”

Many of our cities are at the water’s edge, as Miami is. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

By Casey Coates Danson

Sea level rises are not some distant threat; for many Americans they are very real. In an extract from her chilling new book, Rising, Elizabeth Rush details how the U.S. coastline will be […]

Cover Crops Help Farmers Stand Up for Clean Water

Farm along the Connecticut River. Runoff from chemicals like Round-Up®, with known carcinogens, run off into the river wreaking havoc on the environment and are threats to human and wildlife health as well as to the health of our waterways. Image: Flickr.

By Jessie Haas

This spring I watched a beautiful cover crop of […]