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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Register Now for NYSERDA’s Efficiency Revolution Events!

Exciting news for innovative builders, developers, consultants and interested individuals in New York State! NYSERDA will be hosting educational and networking events throughout the state in the upcoming months. These Efficiency Revolution events will introduce you to new technologies, products and industry players leading the charge for high performance buildings. Highlights include:

Exhibitors […]

Good Windows Are Getting Better!

DOE ZERH’s Changing Window Specifications

ENERGY STAR-labeled products distinguish the top products in the marketplace. As residential windows have advanced and the high performance windows of several years ago are now the standard product, the ENERGY STAR window program has raised the bar on its qualification criteria. Because the DOE Zero Energy Ready […]

New Hampshire Sets New Energy Efficiency Goals

On August 2, 2016, an order from New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commissioners approving an agreement for an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) is a big step forward in smart energy policy and a victory for our residents and businesses. The approved settlement agreement, endorsed by all parties including the state’s utilities, agencies, businesses and […]

High Performance Faculty Housing for Dartmouth

Four faculty houses built by Unity Homes will set a new standard.

Webster Street home for Dartmouth faculty nearing completion. Courtesy photos.

By George Harvey

Unity Homes is building four faculty homes at Dartmouth College to an energy standard requiring very high efficiency. Each will house one faculty member’s household, but the […]

The Golden Hours: The Impact of Peak Demands on Electric Rates

By Seth Wheeler, New Hampshire Electric Co-op

They’re out there. Each month we’ll hit one, usually on a weekday afternoon or early evening. They’re called Peak Demand hours, the few occasions when demand for electricity is at its highest. They happen in an instant but Peak Demand hours are increasingly affecting what you pay for […]

Air Ducts: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The unsealed ducts in your attic and crawlspaces lose air, and uninsulated ducts lose heat — wasting energy and money.

Air ducts are one of the most important systems in your home, and if the ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher energy bills.

Your home’s duct system is a […]

Steps to Net Zero

Stow MA home built by Transformations, Inc. in 2010. Courtesy photo

By Thaddeus Rumple

A net-zero energy building produces as much power as it uses. There are a number of ways to do this. One example is a home built to Passive House standards, where costs quickly outweigh the added expense for […]

Eat Local – Heat Local

By Jim Van Valkenburgh

Lately everyone is eating local. I think you should heat local!

These days, there seems to be nothing more important than knowing where everything in your salad was grown, when it was picked and how far it traveled to get to your plate. Why should you eat spinach […]

Kudos to the Hopkinton Fire Station

Hopkinton Fire Station. Photos courtesy of Chief Doug Mumford, Hopkinton Fire Dept.

By Green Energy Times Staff

The Town of Hopkinton, New Hampshire, recently did a number of energy upgrades at the fire station on Pine Street. Among the upgrades were replacing lights with advanced LEDs, super-insulating the station itself, and installing […]

Heat Pumps: How They Work and Why They Are So Efficient

By Jake Marin, Efficiency Vermont HVAC Program Manager

When most people think of electric heat; efficient and inexpensive are not the first words that come to mind. However, with current heat pump technology, this is exactly what you get. In Vermont, air- source heat pumps (also known as mini-splits or ductless heat pumps) have garnered […]