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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

It No Longer Exists

John Bos

We don’t like change, even though change is inevitable. Sometimes it takes a 2 X 4 up alongside the head to get our attention. And then we “see” that some change in our lives could have been avoided if only we had paid attention.

Driving back home in the early […]


Join me for a CLIMATE TOWN HALL Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Dear Friends,

I am writing to invite you to join me for a Climate Town Hall on Tuesday, May 28th at Hudson Valley Community College. You will have the opportunity to hear more about my work advancing comprehensive national climate action through […]

The Climate Crisis – More Complex Than Simple Solutions

George Plumb

There have been many commentaries recently about what is happening to the Earth caused by climate change. Most of the commentaries focus on what needs to be done about reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and include suggestions such as putting a carbon tax on fossil fuels, moving to renewable energy, or weatherizing our […]

Time for Real Change


By Dr. Alan K. Betts

Elections are coming up, and if we don’t vote for real change this November, many environmental disasters lie ahead. The U.S. is sinking deeper into a sticky web of lies from which truth, honesty and democracy may not escape. At the national level, this is clear […]

What Kind of America Do We Want?

Arctic tundra burning. Image: Western Arctic National Parklands.

Dr. Alan K. Betts

As I write in late July, wildfires are burning across the Eurasian Arctic as temperatures soar. These climate extremes remind us every month of the urgency of the global renewable energy transition. Unfortunately, the global rise of nationalism is undermining the […]

Second Deadliest Birthrate in India Affects All of Humanity

Sustainability issues exist among the filth in the Ganges River in India. Image:

Frosty Wooldridge

India expects its population to jump from 1.252 billion to 1.55 billion within 33 years. It adds 16 million, net gain, annually. Their human misery index explodes off the charts.

In 1960, India reached 500,000,000 people. Today, […]

Our Responsibility to the Earth

“Blue Marble,” January 4, 2012. Image: NASA.

By Dr. Alan K. Betts

Spring came late this year, as the daffodils did not start opening where I live in Pittsford, Vermont until April 18, and the forsythia were ten days later. Rain for days on end from slow moving weather systems led […]

Coal is Just Bad, Bad, Bad

Merrimack Station. Photo: SayCheeeeeese, Wikimedia Commons

By George Harvey

The President wants to save coal and nuclear plants from closing, citing security issues. One estimate in the Caspar Star-Tribune, published in Wyoming, where coal is still king, said the cost of subsidies could be as high as $30 billion. ( The reason […]

A Slowing Gulf Stream

Flow of the Gulf Stream. NASA image.

By George Harvey

There are some things nature brings us that we feel we can count on, such as the warmth of summer and winter snow. We depend without thought on rain to grow our crops.

Perhaps most of us have never heard of […]

America’s Accelerating Population Predicament: Exponential Growth Consequences

Humanity digs and carves the planet up for the remaining resources which dwindle while humans continue on their growth rampage. Image:

By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 1: Quotes that make impact on America and around the world, denial, displacement, ignorance

Nobel Laureate Dr. Henry W. Kendall said, “If we don’t halt population growth […]