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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The Serious Health and Safety issues of Gas Should Not Be Ignored! Ditch the Gas!

Ditching fossil fuels can tackle affordable housing and climate change reprinted from: TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Carl Pope’s Blog, July 23, 2019 BY CARL POPE AND BRUCE NILLES

With the passage of one of the nation’s most ambitious climate policiesearlier this year, D.C. has sparked an important conversation — how can all this new clean power […]

It’s an Emergency!

2050 Is Not Soon Enough For a Fix

Shishmaref, Alaska, is falling into the sea. Photo: Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

George Harvey

Some among us could look at the fact that the United Kingdom adopted a law mandating that it be 100% carbon free by 2050 as good news (See […]

Higher Prices for Beer with Climate Change

Beer. Iva Balk, Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

Most beer is made from barley malt. Perhaps the greatest reason for this is that barley malt, which is dried sprouted barley grains, is particularly rich in amylase, an enzyme that can break down starch into the much smaller sugar molecules yeast use […]

Saving Earth

Figure 6. Fossil fuel CO2 emissions by the three countries with largest current emissions.

James Hansen

I must finish Sophie’s Planet this year, so I am writing few Communications. However, I make the draft of Chapters 31-34 available here [at], because my perspective of and conclusion about events in the 1980s differs from […]

World’s Most Powerful Mayors & Thought Leader to Convene in Copenhagen to Drive Greater Ambition on Climate Change

Led by Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen and Paris Mayor & Chair of C40 Cities, Anne Hidalgo, the C40 World Mayors Summit will take place in Copenhagen from October 9th -12th, 2019.

The IPCC report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C clearly demonstrated the threat posed by climate change. For more than a decade, […]


Climate Protest halts House debate, three arrested

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Protesters disrupted proceedings at the Statehouse Thursday, demanding action on climate change from lawmakers.

As they shouted out some demands House Speaker Mitzi Johnson, D-South Hero, banged the gavel to declare order. When they continued, she ordered a recess and directed lawmakers to leave the […]

What’s Going On in New York?

The Good, the Bad, and the Nonsensical Approach to Nuclear

Michel Lee

In January 2017, two actions took place in New York that could significantly affect the energy system and policy of the state. The first was the signing on January 9th of an agreement to close the Indian Point nuclear […]

A Warming World Needs Nuclear Power?

Roy Morrison

California currently uses 32% renewable power with a mandate for 100 percent renewables by 2045. Capital cost for utility scale solar is about $1.00 per watt and falling with zero fuel costs.

New nukes are several times as expensive plus fuel plus waste treatment with ever-rising costs.

We do […]

Earth Day and The Sixth Great Extinction

Sixth Extinction. Image:

George Plumb

There have been many commentaries written about global warming and how critical it is that we work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And justly so, as we can already witness the catastrophic events that are happening all over the world including now also in the U.S.

However, […]

Saving Our Children

In March 2019, South African youths protest for action against climate change outside Parliament in Cape Town. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks,

Dr. Alan K. Betts

On Friday, March 15, images and video flowed in from around the world, Australia, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and Africa, as more than a million students in 120 countries […]