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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Video: Young People’s Burden: Averting Climate Disaster – COP-23

Click here to view a video of Jim Hansen and his granddaughter, Sophie at COP-23: Young People’s Burden.

Dr. James Hansen and his granddaughter, Sophie Kivlehan, confront the leaders of the world with the truth of the burden they have placed upon young people. You will find this Climate Matters show, videotaped at COP-23 […]

Positive Disruption

Hope from Rocky Mountain Institute

By George Harvey

Recent news on climate change has looked rather dismal. For those who feel dismayed, I have some good news. A report was issued by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), just as Green Energy Times is going to press. It is full of hope. The report, “Positive Disruption” […]