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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Community Campaigns for Renewable Heating and Cooling

HeatSmart Northampton, MA

The city of Northampton, MA worked with the organization ener-G-save to gather thermal imaging on 100,000 area homes, revealing which homes were the best candidates for energy-efficiency improvements. Courtesy photo.

Georgena Terry, CESA Research Associate

Note: This is the second in a series on community-based strategies for increasing the adoption of […]

Interview: Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network Program Manager

Allison Fode, Efficiency Vermont

Green Energy Times Staff

Efficiency Vermont has a program that anyone looking for serious work on a building should know about. It is the Efficiency Exellence Network (EEN) program. Professionals associated with it are required to keep updated on the latest technology in their fields. Its […]

Cold Weather Reminders

Family game time in a safe, warm home. Wikimedia Commons

Michael Canavan

‘Tis the time of year to get ready for the colder weather, and what better way than to inspect the areas of your home that allow cold air and drafts to enter. As a home inspector, I look at the conditions of […]

Do-It-Yourself Energy Up grades: Windows

Dave Keefe

We expect our windows to be easy to open and close, to let the sun in, and to be invisible. But they also need to keep out the wind and cold.

Pully seals, side-mount sash lock

If you have older windows, you’ve probably thought about replacing them. It can lower your heating […]

My Zero Energy Retrofit Beats My 401(k)

A DIYer Project

Our new wood-framed triple-glazed windows have almost eight times the insulation of the old single-glazed ones and have transformed the look and feel of our living room. Courtesy photo.

David Green

I own a 5,400 square foot home built in the 1970s. I did a deep-energy retrofit and successfully achieved my […]

New England Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Pro Tour Burlington, VT

A Vermod Zero- Energy Modular (ZEM) small, traveling model home. It is all-electric with a super-insulated air-tight envelope, battery storage, and environmentally preferable and healthy finishes. Photo: Barb and Greg Whitchurch.

Barbara Whitchurch

NESEA Pro Tour – it sounds like a golf tournament, but it’s actually an ongoing series of tours of residential and […]

For Sale: 60-Watt Equivalent Halogen-Incandescent Lightbulbs – $82


Mark Koprowski

While shopping at a local retail store, I noticed that incandescent light bulbs were still for sale, and I watched customers picking them up to compare their purchase cost to that of LED bulbs. I wondered if they understood that the LED bulbs might cost a few cents more to […]

LED It Shine

LED bulb with Edison base. Photo: Artoria2e5, Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

Green Energy Times has had a number of articles on light emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs can be used for lighting in homes and businesses, for street lights, for flashlights, for vehicle headlights, and more; and in every instance we […]

NHSaves Drive to Net-Zero Competition Winners

The second place winning home of the NHSaves Net-Zero Competition. Photos: Elizabeth and Mark Peterson

George Harvey

NHSaves is a partnership of the New Hampshire utilities, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Co-Op, and Unitil. Last year, it established the annual Drive to Net Zero competition to showcase especially high-performance […]

Changing the Roofing Equation

Basics for an Efficient Roof

In a “cold” roof system, the air barrier and insulation are in contact with each other and located at the ceiling/attic floor. This design prevents heat from leaving or entering the living space while moisture is vented. “Warm” roofs are not vented and have the insulation installed directly on […]