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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Historic Home in Deerfield, MA Gets Retrofit and Restoration

It may be hard to believe this house, dating to before 1740 is a net-zero energy user. Photos courtesy of Kent Hicks Construction.

George Harvey

New houses with net-zero energy use are getting to be increasingly common. On the other hand, New England is full of old houses that really should be […]

R.H. Irving HomeBuilders Wins First Place Award

NHSaves Drive to Net Zero Home Competition winners. Bob Irving is shown in the back row (red shirt and beard) holding his first place award. Courtesy photo.

By George Harvey

Bob Irving, of R.H. Irving HomeBuilders in Salisbury, New Hampshire, has been building high performance homes for over thirty years. His goal […]

Cool Ways LEDs are Helping the Planet

Green Energy Times Staff

It seems like every time we turn around, we get another impressive update from LEDdynamics. It was just last April that we published our latest article on one of their products, “LEDdynamics™ Gro-Lights” ( Now, we have something exciting to share.

Some time ago, LEDdynamics acquired another company, […]

Boral Tru-Exterior Siding

A Recycled, Green Option from a Green Manufacturer

Both of these homes are in Massachusetts, and each features two different kinds of TruExterior Siding. The modern-style earth-sheltered home features TruExterior Siding Nickel Gap and Channel profiles. The white house features TruExterior Siding Channel Bevel profile and Shiplap profile in a vertical orientation. Courtesy images: […]

Can the Built Environment Heal the Planet?

The New Carbon Architecture: Building to Cool the Climate

by Bruce King, New Society Publishers, 2017, 159 pages, $29.99

Book review by N.R. Mallery

Let’s face it, CO2 in our atmosphere is the biggest problem humans have ever had to face.

Recent news says scientists have measured a slowdown of the Gulf Stream. […]

SEON Is Hosting its Third Annual Sustainable Home Tour

Duffy/Lundgren residence, Londonderry, VT.

George Harvey

The Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON) is deeply involved in the building trade and related areas of work in the built environment. Some of the members are architects, some are contractors, some provide services, some supply products for homes, and at least one, BuildingGreen, is a […]

Announcing Steven Winter Associate’s New Podcast: Buildings and Beyond!

The Buildings and Beyond podcast explores how we can create a more sustainable built environment by focusing on efficiency, accessibility, and health. The first episode, Your Top 10 Passive House Questions, Answered, with Lois Arena, is available now on all major podcast platforms. We will release one episode per week for season one, so […]

Universities push to slash energy use: Summer Study speaker describes how

By Wendy Koch, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Across the United States, the push for net-zero energy buildings is gaining momentum. Because this trend holds great promise for deep energy savings, next month’s Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings will devote an entire panel — with 30 presentations — to the topic.

Register […]

Citizen Participation in 100% Renewable Energy Goals in Hanover, NH

By Barbara Callaway

Last year Hanover, NH adopted the goals of using 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2050. The town is actively taking steps to reach these goals. An organized group in Hanover, the Neighborhood Action Group (NAG), is working to encourage neighborhood residents to […]

Imagine … New York City Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Stuy Town: Innovations in Solar & Grass that Cities Can Embrace

By George Harvey

In the 1840s, a new source of energy was being employed in Manhattan. It was coal gas, a product created by heating coal with insufficient oxygen to burn it. Coal gas included hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, all of […]