Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 2020 Articles Online

Front Page

1 Major League Baseball Players for the Planet
1 Taking Farming to Net Zero
1 Fossil Fuels Declining As Renewables Rise

News and Happenings

2 We Remember Bhima Nitta as a Passionate Part of the Solution
3 ButtonUp 2020 Goes Virtual
3 ‘Building Communities’ Grants Available through Vermont BGS Department
3 10th Annual Drive Electric Week

Transportation Solutions

4 Electric Vehicles in the Wintertime
5 Cars as an Energy Appliance: Tesla as Lead Actor
6 Vermont Bike & Brew
6 E-bike Love
7 Enabling Provisions To Reduce Carbon Emissions from Freight
7 Using Your EV or PHEV as Backup Power

Solar Photovoltaics

8 TinySolar Vermont: Small, Affordable Solar
9 Local Solar Co. Developing Unique Approach to Generate Electricity
10 W.S. Badger Flips the Switch to 100% Solar Energy in NH
11 Solarize Hanover Continues Amidst Pandemic
12 Extra-Ordinary Solar
13 Municipal Solar Madison, NH

Renewable Energy in the News

16 Shelburne, NH’s New Energy Committee Sets Bar High for Energy Projects
16 RELiON Battery Joins 1% for the Planet
17 VT-based ‘The Peck Company’ is in the News Again
17 Congratulations to the Top Solar Contractors in our Region
18 We Worry About the Wrong Things
18 Gas Pipelines in New Hampshire: ‘Another One Gone and Another One Bites the Dust’

Business and Financial

19 Climbing out of the Crisis: a Net-Zero Economy
19 Despite COVID-19, More Than Half of Cleantech Firms Planning to Recruit in 2020


20 Coming Attractions in Greenhouse Energy Efficiency
21 Tasker Hill Community Garden, Madison, NH
21 Here Comes the Sun
21 New Vermont Brewery Celebrates Opening

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Five Reasons Radiant Heating Is the Right Choice for Healthful Homes
22 INRS Leading “NH Rural Renewables” Modern Wood Heat Assistance for Small Businesses
23 Benefits to the Planet Heating with Forest Products
23 Cash for Coal Clunkers – New VT $ Incentives

Building and Energy Efficiency

24 Choosing Insulation for Carbon Value
25 Building with the Sun

Climate News

26 What Climate Change in the Far North Means for the Northeast
26 New England’s Coming Climate-Refugee Challenge
27 U.S. On Track to Pay Climate-Pollution Tariff to the E.U.
27 Capitalism, Courage, and Justice

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

28 Passive House at Maple Corner: Part 1
29 Passive House at Maple Corner: Part 2
30 The Window In Winter: A Cool Little Microclimate
31 Alliance Mechanical of Essex Junction, VT
32 Energy Efficiency Appears Prominently in New Climate Plans
32 New DOE Rule For Evaluating Energy Conservation Of Appliances & Equipment
Sustainable Agriculture
33 No-Till Gardening: Good for Crops and the Environment
34 Pathways

Ingredient of the Month

34 I LIKE Killing Flies!

Green Life

35 NatureFest Goes Virtual
35 USDA REAP Grants Awards for Farmers, Ag Producers & Small Businesses
37 Tips to Keep Food Scraps Out of Your Trash
38 Avoiding Harmful Chemicals in Plastic
39 Craftsbury Sculling Program Enlists Electric Boats