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October 2015 Articles Online

Front Page

1  Solar Capital of the Northeast!
1  The Hitchcock Center is Doing it Right!
1  Renewable Energy in NH at Crossroads

Editor’s Page

2  The Secret is Out: Homeowners Want Zero Ready Homes

News and Happenings

3  What Do You Want? The cost of doing nothing
3  What Do You Want? The tools for change


4  GMP Offers Grants for Four Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
4  New Charging Stations in W. Lebanon, NH Draws Tesla’s from near & far
5  A Solar-powered Boat on the Erie Canal
5  Vermont Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Grants due October 31st
6  VW Cheated, and the Cost of Deception Was High.

Community Power

7  Regional Energy Planning through TRORC
7  Windham County Hydroelectric Stations
8  Solar with Storage in Affordable Housing
8  Solar Sharing – First of its Kind with a Utility

Solar Photovoltaics

10  RMI’s Solar – A Green Company gets Greener
12  The Story behind High Peaks
13  NYSERDA Opens 2nd Round of Solarize Campaigns

Renewable Energy

14  Deadline Approaching for Local NH Solar Power Discount Program
15  Lithium Battery Technology Energizes the Renewable Storage Market

Heating Efficiency

18  Heat Saver Loan
19  Heat Pumps: How They Work and Why They Are So Efficient

Sustrainability for Our Pets

20  Digest This™ Magic Hat® brings PurposeEnergy™ to digest waste and create energy
20  Sustainability in the Vineyards: Fresh Tracks Farm
20  Cheesmaking in NE
21  Woodstock Inn & Brewery’s Sustainable Brewing
21  Dehydrating Taken Up a Notch With a Solar Oven

Energy Efficiency

22  Kudos to the Hopkinton Fire Station
23  Energy Efficiency and The Clean Power Plan

Climate Change

24  Book Review: The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change
24  The Great ‘Green’ Wall Of China

News, Clues, & Reviews

25  Book Review: On Care for our Common Home
25  Book Review: A Consumer’s Guide to Solar *

Building Efficiency

26  Bulk Water Management in Basements and Crawlspaces
28  Tom Moore creates a Family Affair

Sustainable Agriculture

30  A Home Bio-digester Produces Bio-gas for Cooking from Food Scraps
30  Vermont Bioenergy
31  Planting Edible Landscapes
31  A Ruling for the Bees

Sustainable Education

32  Gambling with Natural Gas
32  Lyme, NH Elementary
33  Renewable Energy e-Books for the Young at Heart
33  Integrating Sustainability into Teachers’ Curricula

Ingredient of the Month

35  Ingredient of the Month: Falling Back on Time *
35  The Virtual Power Plant

Sustainable Sports

36  Fat Bikes
36  Jiminy Creek Mtn Resort

Dining in the Green

37  How to Green-up Your Jack-o’-Lantern
37  Sweet Potato & Apple Animal Crackers

It’s a Green Life After All

38  Living Near Noise
39  Cork Flooring *