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October 2014 Articles Online

Front Cover

page 1 Solar Farms Move us Closer to Vermont’s Energy Goal
1 Don’t Let Winter Break You!
1 Save Money – Save the World
1 Mill Pond Way in Portsmouth, NH

Editor’s Page

2 Letter to the Editor


3 A Big Wind Project
3 GMP is Developing Microgrids


4 The World’s 7 Greenest Vehicles
5 Smart Commute Program Seeks Towns for Round Two
5 Falling for E-bikes
6 Tailpipes, Smokestacks & Ozone
6 Winter Biking – Studded Snow Tire Sense

 Community News

7 Solarizing the Upper Valley
7 Out to Save the World
7 Brattleboro Time Trade

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Communities are Going Solar
8 An Innovative Solar Collective
9 Solarize Upper Valley ‘Launch Event’

Getting to Know your Solar Installers

10 Solar Source is on Top of It!

More Solar Photovoltaics

11 Solar Works Great in the Winter!
12 Community Solar – Sharing Solar is for Everyone
Business and Financial
14 Programs 4 Energy Efficiency Are there for YOU!


15 Thoughts on Windpower
15 AWEA Infographic


17 VT’S New Energy Efficiency Financing

Heating Efficiency

18 Keeping Our Air Clean & Our Hearths Warm
19 Heat Pumps Explained

Harvest & Holidays

20 Harvesting the spirits at Shelburne Vineyards
20 Winter Harvest Squash for Thanksgiving
21 Eat Local This Thanksgiving

Energy Efficiency

22 Low Energy Windows
23 Weatherization in New Hampshire

Climate Change

24 Impacts of Climate Change

News, Clues, & Reviews

25 The New Net Zero – Book Review
25 View from the Top – “Graduating” to Energy Awareness

Building Efficiency

26 Green Builders – Lewis Creek Company & Yandow Green Builders
27 The Low-hanging Fruit – Heat Loss
28 Near Net-Zero Maine Home

Sustainable Agriculture

30 Elmore Roots Permaculture Tips – Exotics!
30 Keep Your Compost (Bin) Working
31 Harvest Your Seeds
31 Emerging Frontiers in Bioenergy – Sunflowers Crops

Sustainable Education

32 Mountain Campus Boasts Sustainability
32 Idle-Free Schools
33 Greenest School List – Plymouth State University
33 Nashua, NH Student Honored
33 Solving Global Water Crisis – NH Student Wins Award

It’s a Green Life … After All

35 Ingredient of the Month – Molecular Zen: Secrets Revealed!
35 Concerns About Essential Oils

Sustainable Sports

36  The Great Snowgun Roundup

Dining on the Green

36 The Common Man
37 Queen City Pops

It’s a Green Life … After All

38 Green Shots! – Lacto-Fermentation
38 Simple Sauerkraut
38 Green Tips – Harvesting Gratefulness
38 Silver Lake
39 Swimming in E-waste