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May 18 – Creating a Fruitful Landscape

Saturday, May 18th 7pm
PSU Boyd Hall Rm 144
Plymouth, NH

On Saturday,  May 18th at 7pm, Michael Phillips will explore home orchard design based on ecosystem advantage.  Michael will explain important health connections to make fruiting plants better able to stand up to disease challenges and pests. He will offer overviews of rootstock, training considerations, the right varietal mix for your family, proper soil prep, and ongoing “fungal duff management” to help guide good intentions for a bountiful organic fruit harvest. This evening presentation focuses on the how-to plant a fruit and berry orchard.
On Sunday Michael will be available for a day-long intensive focusing on Practical Orchard Healt at D’Acres in Dorchester. Understanding the underlying principles for growing healthy fruit becomes clear when walking through an orchard with Michael. Michael speaks regularly at regional and national agricultural conferences. He has helped to found the “community orchard movement” which can be explored at

The presentation at Boyd Hall on Saturday is free and open to the public. This event is made possible through support from the Office of Environmental Sustainability at PSU, Thomas Roberts Salon, Peppercorn Natural Foods, D Acres, Chelsea Green Publishing  and the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative.  On Sunday May 19th his day long seminar is limited to 10 pre-registrants. The 9 to 4pm Sunday events costs $75 with lunch included. For more information contact D Acres at 786.2366 or
Monday, May 20th   Plymouth Area Local Foods Matchmaking Event and Trade Show  3:30-6:30 pm  PSU Welcome Center
Calling All Community Members Interested in Local Foods! Come Join Us!

Everyone interested in supporting strengthening our Local Agriculture and eating locally should consider attending the “Matchmaker and Trade Show” networking event designed to foster collaboration & direct marketing opportunities for local farmers, value-added producers, chefs, institutions, distributors and others who are interested in expanding & strengthening local & seasonal food networks.

This Matchmaker and Trade Show Event will provide participants with:
An opportunity to meet one another and talk about products and needs. to see and sample an array of locally made value-added products as well as network in an ‘Open Space’ style workshop.

Sponsored by Local Foods Plymouth, Center for Active Leaving and Healthy Communities and Farm to Schools.