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June 2016 Articles Online


Front Page

1  It Mows … YOU Don’t!!
1  Solar & Wind Blow Away Natural Gas *
1  Energy-Positive Homes

News and Views

2  Late Breaking News
3  Transforming Energy Use in New England
3  Thoughts on the Future of Renewable Power


4  The Environmental Impact of the VW Emissions Cheating Scandal
5  Electric Cars – Easy as 1-2-3

Energy News

6  Hanover, NH Adopts C-PACE Financing
7  Vermont Legislative Update
7  NH PUC Awards for Renewable Energy *

Solar Photovoltaics

8  The Andersons’ Renewable Energy Adventure
10  Does rooftop solar make sense in the northeast?
11  Rooftop Solar Potential
12  Panasonic Reintroduces HIT® Solar Panel for Homes

Renewable Energy

18  Single Turbine Project in Vermont

Business and Financial

19  Incorporating Permaculture Practices into Your Business

Sustainable Communities

20  Sustainability Shines in the Mt. Washington Valley
21  New York’s First Community-Shared Solar

Renewable Energy

22  Geothermal Pool and Water Heating

Heating Efficiency

23  Solar Has RECs. Now Biomass and Heat Pumps Do, too!
24  Geothermal Ground Loop *

Climate Change

24  Running out of Water

News, Clues, Reviews

25  Massive Victory for Seven Kids in Climate Change Lawsuit in Washington State
25  G.E.T. Recommended Reading

Building and Energy Efficiency

26  Energy Labels for Homes Now Available in Vermont *
26  Review: Reinventing Green Building *
27  Vermont’s First Multi-Family Passive House

Building Efficiency – High Performance

28  Rotterdam, NY Developer Builds Homes to meet Our Future

Building and Energy Efficiency

30  High Performance Faculty Housing for Dartmouth

Sustainable Education

32  Inter-Lakes School District
33  The IEE at Vermont Law School 

Ingredient of the Month

35  Dreaming
35  Climate Change Equals Zika Virus

It’s a Green Life After All

37  Harvest Right In-Home Freeze Dryers
38  Tasty Crabapples

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† Article needed