Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 2015 Articles Online

Front Cover

1  Do You Understand What This Means?
1  Fracked gas is worse than coal
1  Three Down – Two to Go

Editor’s Page

2  C-PACE moves closer to reality in NH

News and Happenings

3  GMP to offer Tesla batteries
3  Pika Inverter
3  Solarize Dummerston VT


4  Commuting for Work & Recreation
4  Massachusetts DOT Going Solar on the Highways
5  New Fast Charging Network in Vermont
6  Better Fuel Efficiency this Summer

Community Power

7  Wholeshare Program
8  Community Solar Available to All Vermonters
9  Cavendish Municipal 148kW Solar
9  Norwich, Vermont – Community Power

Solar Photovoltaics

10  Solar Up NH
12  Brattleboro’s Solar Summer

Renewable Energy

14  Offgrid … in the City?
15  VT Statewide Solar Tours

Re-powering New York

18  Solarize Followup
18  Solar Thermal in NY
19  Net-zero Apartments in Rotterdam, NY

Resilient Communities – Greenfield, MA

20  Community Aggregation – Greenfield is Green
20  Northeast Biodiesel
20  Coop Power
21  Greenfield Community College
21  Net Zero home Award Greenfield
21  A Few Notes on Greenfield

Energy Efficiency

22  Radiant Floor Heating Efficiency
23  Heat Pump Clothes Dryers

Climate Change

24  Trees for the climate
24  No Return

News, Clues, & Reviews

25  Book Review The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm
25  Book Review_Plastic-Free
25  Book Review_Driving the Future

Building Efficiency

26  Deep Energy Retrofit: Moisture Management
27  Deep Energy Retrofit in Montpelier 
28  Homebuyers want energy Efficiency
29  RenewAire – Powered by Wind

Sustainable Agriculture

30  The Three P’s for Permaculture Success
30  Food Versus Fuel
31  Two Garden Product Reviews 
31  Permaculture Principles
32  Micro-Gardening: Everyone Should Do It

Sustainable Education

33  Hybrid Wind-Solar System
33  Friends’ School of Portland

Ingredient of the Month

35  Electronic Crack
35  Is 2015 the ‘Year of the Ticks?’

Sustainable Sports

36  Was’sup? Stand-up Paddling…That’s What
36  ‘Solar Sal’ A Solar-powered Sailboat Retrofit

Dining in the Green

37  Eating to Cool Off
37  Solar-Powered Stage

It’s a Green Life After All

38  Round-up Troubles
39  Flowers You Can Eat
39  Warning: Tainted Plants at Many Retail Garden Centers!