Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 2019 Articles Online


Front Page

1 It’s An Emergency!
1 Higher Prices for Beer with Climate Change
1 Businesses to Thrive in a Coming Economic Boom

News and Events

2 Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Expo: Sept. 14th
3 Movement on Decarbonization
3 Vermont’s 2019 Legislative Update

Transportation Solutions

4 Tracking Electric Car Sales
4 Reducing Transportation Emissions
5 Vermont 2019 EV Incentives Transportation Bill
5 NH’s (Mis)Use of Volkswagen Settlement Funds
6 3rd Annual National Drive Electric Week Event
7 A User’s Guide for e-Assist Bikes
7 Incentivizing E-Bikes!

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Grid-Tied with Battery Storage
9 Susan Ross’s Story: Living Off the Grid
10 RENewed – Rethinking What it Means to be “Renewable”
11 Energy Equity and Cooperative Solar in New Hampshire
12 Hanover’s Solar Growing Towards 100%

Renewable Energy in the News

16 The “Bionic Leaf” Could Help the Planet
16 Costa Rica: Carbon Neutrality (Sidebar)
16 German Storage Solutions (Sidebar)
17 Raising the Bar for Geo-Thermal

Business and Financial

18 Bank of the Commons
19 2019 Vermont Clean Energy Report Identifies a Maturing Clean Energy Cluster
19 “The shale gas revolution has frankly been an unmitigated disaster.” (Sidebar)

Feature – Healthy Sustainability

20 The Plastics Problem – are solutions in sight?
20 A Clear-Eyed Look At Glass Recycling
21 Recycling Textiles: Why and How
21 OOho Pods Reduce Plastic Bottle Usage

Heating and Cooling

22 How to Determine if a Heat Pump is Right for You
23 Naturally Cool with Natural Cooling

Building and Energy Efficiency

24 NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act
25 Aerobarrier – Case Study No.1

Climate News

26 It No Longer Exists
27 Rebellion to Save the Earth
27 Saving Earth

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

28 Wentworth Community Housing
29 Do-It-Yourself Energy Up grades
30 LEED Performance Buildings in the Northeast
31 Energy Audits for the Homeowner
32 Revamped HHI Tool
32 Invest in Low-income Solar
Sustainable Education
33 Making Climate Change Understandable
Sustainable Agriculture
33 Weeds, Invasive Species, and Climate Change

Ingredient of the Month

34 The Dark Side of Green

Sustainable Agriculture (Continued)

34 Flower Power
35 Gardening With Biochar

Green Life

35 Natural Protection Against Biting Bugs
37 Composting Toilets Evolve
38 PFASs Are Forever
39 Catskills Comfrey