Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 2020 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Sweet Solar at Sidelands Sugarbush
1 2020 Super Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium
1 It’s Tax Time! Cash In On Your Credits for Solar!

News and Events

2 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Every Day
2 Carbon Cashback Coalition in NH Offers Hope
3 Homefront Climate News: Direct from Alaska
3 FERC Report Shows Renewables on Track to Lead in New Generating Capacity for 2019

Transportation Solutions

4 New Electric Car Incentive Updates
4 Electric Cars: Are They Better for Your Pocket and the Climate Right NOW?
5 Good News for NH EV Shoppers!
7 We Have Met the Future and It is Now
7 Electric Bus Pilot Program in VT

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Community Solar in the Connecticut River Valley
9 Upper Valley Haven
10 Liquid Air Energy Storage in VT
11 Battery Storage Choices Grow with Fortress Power
12 Living Off Solar Credits
13 The Mount Washington Valley Hosts an Adult Day Center in Center Conway, NH

Renewable Energy in the News

16 “Green-Washing” GAS
17 Efficiency Vermont’s EEN Contractor Spotlight: Integrated Solar Applications

Energy and Business

18 Replacing Your Boiler? Consider Pellets!
18 The Many Co-Benefits of a Good Climate Solution
19 Investing for Impact and Financial Success

Feature – Warmth this Winter

20 Affordable Leaky Window Solutions
21 A Growing Interest in Window Inserts in Vermont

Heating and Cooling

22 HeatSmart Campaigns in New York and Massachusetts
23 Rockingham Roasters Gets a Free Lunch

Building and Energy Efficiency

24 Lewis Creek Cottage: Net-Zero Energy with a View
25 AeroBarrier™ – Case Study #4: Lower Level of Brick Church, CA 1869

Climate News

26 Australia is in Trouble. So Are We
26 How Dare You!!!
27 Time to Re-Imagine Capitalism
27 Greenbacks To Back Greening!

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

29 Do-It-Yourself Energy Upgrades: Basements
30 Understanding the Blower Door Test
30 Recycling Glass into Aggregate: Glavel
31 Clean Energy NH Awards
Sustainable Education
32 Brattleboro and Bellows Falls, VT Middle Schools
Sustainable Agriculture
33 Revisiting Sustainable-Sugaring Operations
34 Elmore Roots: Good Viburnums

Ingredient of the Month

34 Feeling your Oats – Avena sativa, the Unexpected Superfood

Sustainable Agriculture (Continued)

35 Reforestation Versus Biomass

Green Life

37 Where Is(n’t) the Beef?
37 Vermont Brewshed® Alliance is Launched
38 Is this Recyclable? Tips to Recycle Right in Vermont
39 Sustainability and Challenges for XC Ski Centers