Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2014 Articles Online

Front Cover

1 Carbon Pollution Tax Benefits Vermont
1 When Activism Meets Business
1 Hard Decisions – Easy Solutions

Editor’s Page

2 Letter from the Editor
2 Letter to the Editor

News and Happenings

3 Letting Go of Carbon
3 Total Energy Study Says: We CAN do it!


4 Better Efficiency for EVs – Country Tires
4 Cost of a Little Idling Comfort
5 Park Under Solar
5 Proterra All Electric Bus
6 …And the Bikes Win

Community News

7 Thetford Volunteer Weatherizing
7 National Solar Test Center

Getting to Know your Solar Installer

8 From Solar Works To Real Goods Solar *
8 Solar Store of Greenfield

Solar Photovoltaics

9 Two Local Businesses Cooperate for solar *
10 American Made Solar
11 Solarize Upper Valley Round 2
Community Solar
13 Southern Vermont Community Solar
13 100kW Power Guru Installation
Business and Financial
14 VT Climate Economy Initiative
14 PACE Today *


15 KC Wind Sound Levels
15 Is Wind Energy for the Birds
15 Wind Energy Command Larger Piece


17 NH REF is in Danger

Heating Efficiency

18 New Incentive for Wood Pellet Stoves
18 EPA Heating Tips
19 Cheaper than Pellets

Sustainable Forestry

20 Sustainable Forestry
21 Sustainable Woodworking
21 Green Business of the Year

Energy Efficiency

22 Weatherization in NH
23 Multi-unit Housing Energy Solution
23 Solar for Non Profits

Climate Change

24 Sweden outranks the U.S.
24 Manmade Global Warming is Worsening *

News, Clues, & Reviews

25 This Changes Everything – Book Review
25 Solar Living Sourcebook – Book Review
25 Center for Climate Preparedness

Building Efficiency

26 Low Hanging Fruit
27 Questions to ask your builder
28 Prevent outlet drafts
29 Green Builders in our Midst – PreCraft and Ironwood
30 Deep Energy Retrofit by M. Goetinck

Sustainable Agriculture

31 Winters Harvest
31 Worm Composting 101
31 Bioenergy Column

Sustainable Education

32 Solar on Schools Resource Guide
33 Colby Sawyer_Sustainable Classroom *

It’s a Green Life … After All

35 Ingredient of the Month: Cool Beauty
35 ET Parabens

Dining on the Green

36 Superfresh Organic Cafe

Sustainable Sports

37 Along the Trail
37 Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Green Life – Holidays

38 Green Tips
38 Fortuna Sausage
38 Tar Sands Killing Thousands of Birds
39 Randolph_Town Solar Xmas Lights