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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The October issue of Green Energy Times is Here!

The October, 2017 issue of Green Energy Times is now being distributed.

It is available as a pdf file HERE (12 MB).

Individual articles are now being posted as web pages.

A Call for Help for Puerto Rico

Old San Juan in better days (flickr image, Wikimedia Commons)

By George Harvey

Puerto Rico is in trouble. When Hurricane Maria struck on September 20, it was a Category 4 storm, which means that the highest sustained wind speeds were over 130 mph. It was a storm much like Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas […]

Solarize Rockingham, Vermont

A unique program to lower cost and increase adoption of renewable energy

Starting May 1, 2017 and ending December 15, 2017, four local solar companies have agreed to lower their prices and offer the residents and businesses of Rockingham, Vermont a chance to purchase solar at a discount. For this program, installers are working together […]


By George Harvey

Donald Trump would abdicate America’s climate leadership.

But states, towns, cities, schools, businesses, and ordinary people are stepping up to make America great again.

And that just may be the year’s biggest story.

By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump left America’s seat at the table […]

What’s Up With Wind Power in Vermont?

By George Harvey

The Vermont Public Service Board has sent recommendations to the legislature for new sound standards for utility-scale wind projects. Critics say the standards are so strict that the effectively kill development of wind power in the state. This has come as a surprise to a number of people, who […]

How the Power Grid Works

Illustration from




Easy as Two Plus Two:

How to Regain our Democracy

By George Harvey

As a former conservative Republican (in fact, a former NRA life member), I believe I am as disappointed as any Democrat by what I am seeing in Washington today. The White House and Congress are not guided by any conservative thinking or traditional belief system. […]

The February Issue of Green Energy Times

The February issue of Green Energy Times has been published and is now being distributed.

The entire issue is available as a pdf file HERE.

Individual articles are being posted now.


If a house were on fire, would you add more gasoline and oil to put the fire out? Likewise, should we be extracting and burning fossil fuels in this time of the planet being “cooked” by greenhouse gases?

Nonetheless, there is a proposal to send two pipelines filled with fracked Bakken gasoline and oil […]