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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Automakers Forsake the Future by Caving to Trump’s Emissions Push

Carl Pope

The first comment that came across my screen after the news that General Motors Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, along with Toyota Motor Corp. and some smaller foreign automakers, had signed on to President Donald Trump’s legal assault on technological progress in the auto industry was this: “Wimps.” The administration aims to […]

New! Transportation Climate Initiative

Twelve States and DC Stand Ready to Fight Climate Change

Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) Jurisdictions. Twelve states and the District of Columbia are developing a regional policy proposal to address transportation-related GHG emissions as part of TCI. Nine states (including Vermont, indicated in dark green) and D.C. signed onto the Declaration of Intent […]

Electric Pickup Trucks Are on the Rise!

A Demo of the Ford F-250 Three-quarter-ton Plug-In Hybrid Electric Truck Held in Burlington, VT

Image source: VTCCC Newsletter.

On October 30th, Vermont Clean Cities (VTCCC) hosted a demonstration of XL Fleet’s Ford F-250 Plug-In Hybrid Electric truck upfit for interested stakeholders.

Fleet managers, utilities, and mechanics gathered at Burlington’s Department […]

E-biking To and From Work in Rural VT Makes Sense

1,250 Miles and Counting

Bren and her dog, Rojas, heading to the office. Courtesy photo. The mural behind them is by Ethan Azarian.

Bren Alvarez’s story is a great example of how one can benefit by using an electric bike for transportation to and from work, as well as for errands […]

Can EV Charge-Site Operators Make Money?

EV Charing Station. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Randy Bryan

We keep hearing that there aren’t enough electric vehicle (EV) charging stations out there. Yet, the auto market is moving to electric drive, and the EV share of the market is growing at over a 30% rate. Why haven’t more entrepreneurs jumped into this car-charging space?


Greener School Buses

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

Research shows that replacing or retrofitting dirty old diesel school buses can reduce the pollution inhaled by students significantly and can even lead to better health and higher standardized test scores. Credit: madame.furie, FlickrCC.

Now that school is back in session, […]

Volkswagen Beetle Electric Retrofit

Volkswagen Beetle Electric Retrofit

If you have a classic Volkswagen (VW) Beetle sitting in your garage, it may have a new life ahead. VW announced it will make electric conversion units for those old bugs. The eBeetle (eKäfer, in German) will have a range of just over 120 miles and a top […]

Affordable Used Electric Cars – An Update

Used EV prices. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

David Roberts

Plug-in electric cars are often praised for their low cost of ownership. Electricity costs less than gasoline to run on, vehicle reliability is good, and competitive prices offer a compelling value. A bonus is these cars have a much […]

Indianapolis Has a Fleet of eBuses

BYD K11 bus. BYD courtesy image.

Early in September, a new bus route opened in Indianapolis. The Red Line is running thirteen BYD K11 buses. Indygo, the municipal transportation organization, has already ordered eighteen more BYD buses to be delivered by the end of the year. The BYD K11 series bus is a very […]

Electric Buses for the Upper Valley and Burlington

BYD e-bus in Copenhagen. Leif Jørgensen, Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

Many readers might recall an article that appeared in the June, 2017 issue of Green Energy Times, “Electric Bus Trials in Vermont and New Hampshire” ( That article reported tests at Advance Transit, which operates in the Upper Valley of Vermont and […]