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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) Commentary

This commentary is by Jenn Swain, the Global Senior Sustainability Manager at Burton, and Jen Kimmich, co-founder and CEO of the Alchemist Brewery

About TCI: Why it’s good for business, the environment & equity

In December, a bipartisan group from twelve Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states that make up the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) released […]

Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation to Launch Electric Bus Pilot Program

Electric buses may be coming to a school or transit center near you! Late last year, Barre Unified Union School District, Champlain Valley School District, Franklin West Supervisory Union, and Marble Valley Regional Transit District were all chosen by the Department of Environmental Conservation to be part of the new Electric Bus Program. The program […]

We Have Met the Future, and It Is Now

Nickel Ride ride-sharing cars. Photo courtesy of Nickel Ride.

Green Energy Times Staff

It has been five years since Green Energy Times’ daily blog posted its first mention of Tony Seba. The reference was to a CleanTechnica review of Seba’s book, Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation ( In it, […]

New Electric Car Incentive Updates

David Roberts

Incentives remain an important motivator for many electric car buyers today. While plugging in can save thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance over the life of the vehicle, many consumers still see higher purchase prices as a significant issue.

The Federal tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) offers up to $7,500 […]

Electric Cars: Are They Better for Your Pocket and the Climate Right NOW?

Charging (Shutterstock image)

Jayd Alvarez

I read a blog post from Connecticut Fund for the Environment President Curt Johnson, and he reaffirmed what I already expected: my next car will likely be an all-electric vehicle (EV). I currently drive a Toyota Prius hybrid, because in 2013, the price to purchase and to operate an […]

Good News for NH EV Shoppers!

Nissan LEAF at charging point. Image: Wikimedia

Randy Bryan

Happy New Year to all, especially electric vehicle (EV) lovers! The year 2020 will start the breakthrough years for EVs in NH and around the country. New EVs from multiple manufacturers are being introduced and sold. Compliance cars made only for CAL-ZEV mandate states are […]

Carbon Cashback Coalition in New Hampshire

George Harvey

We live in distressing times. It is bad enough that there are over a hundred wildfires in Australia, and one of them is a good deal bigger than Delaware, but climate change is clearly hitting the United States, with droughts, floods, and wildfires of our own. Climate activists have […]

Are People a Cancer or a Parasite?

The monthly average CO2 concentration at Mauna Loa Observatory for October 2019 was 408.53 ppm compared with 406.00 ppm for October 2018.

Randy Bryan

“Homo Sapiens” means smart human, right? Most would say, “Yes.” Look at all we have figured out and accomplished on this earth. It’s incredible. Big Bang Theory […]

Automakers Forsake the Future by Caving to Trump’s Emissions Push

Carl Pope

The first comment that came across my screen after the news that General Motors Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, along with Toyota Motor Corp. and some smaller foreign automakers, had signed on to President Donald Trump’s legal assault on technological progress in the auto industry was this: “Wimps.” The administration aims to […]

New! Transportation Climate Initiative

Twelve States and DC Stand Ready to Fight Climate Change

Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) Jurisdictions. Twelve states and the District of Columbia are developing a regional policy proposal to address transportation-related GHG emissions as part of TCI. Nine states (including Vermont, indicated in dark green) and D.C. signed onto the Declaration of Intent […]