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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Spring is Coming in the North Country, and so is Solar

The 100kW solar array at Lancaster’s waste water lagoon. Courtesy photo.

Henry Herndon

Spring is coming in the North Country. The Israel River, filled up by the recent snowmelt, runs heartily through downtown Lancaster, New Hampshire. Pedestrians in light sweaters and short sleeves stroll among the main street businesses, pausing in the […]

A Game-Changer for Off-Grid Battery Storage

The lead-acid battery bank consisted of 24-2V batteries. All photos: N.R. Mallery

N.R. Mallery

As Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they are a changin’…”. The change is now. Battery storage, on or off the grid today has produced a real game-changer. And my off-the-grid experience proves it.

In the beginning, I […]

New Hampshire Solar: Newfields Municipal Solar and Milford Solar Farm

U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan joined local leaders including, Catherine Nelson (in pink from the Town of Newfields) and NH State Senator Martha Fuller-Clark (in black and white stripped sweater) at the Newfields solar array ribbon cutting ceremony on February 8, 2019. Image: ReVision Energy.

George Harvey

Newfields Municipal Solar


Two Solar Arrays from Encore Renewable Energy

George Harvey

Encore Renewable Energy, an integrated clean energy project development company in Burlington, Vermont, recently built two sizeable solar arrays in Vermont. One is a 745-kilowatt-peak (kWp) community array on land owned by Long View Forest in Hartland, VT. The other is a 200-kWp array on the roof of the […]

Gone Fishing? Gone Solar!

The Tackle Shack installed forty-one solar panels to produce 15,000kW annually, which is enough to offset the business’s entire electric demand. Photo: Sol-Air.

Evan Lawrence

If you’re going fishing for the big one in Lake Sunapee, you might want to stop by the Tackle Shack on Route 103 in nearby Newbury, New […]

Peck Electric: In the News Again

Peck solar installed a 500kW solar PV array on top of the parking lot expansion at Burlington International Airport in 2014. Courtesy photo.

George Harvey

I believe that there are many people, even in Vermont, who don’t think of Peck Electric as a big deal in the solar industry. They might think […]

Solarize Bethel Campaign

Integrity Energy installed both this rooftop and the grount-mounted solar systems as part of the Solarize Bethel campaign. Photo: Courtesy photos.

George Harvey

The Solarize Bethel campaign was coordinated by Integrity Energy and the Bethel Energy Committee. It was started with a meeting in the Bethel, Vermont town hall on […]

Solar for Better Health Systems

Cedar Hill’s solar field was installed by Norwich Solar Technologies in November 2018. Courtesy photo.

George Harvey

Norwich Solar Technologies (NST) recently built three projects that are interestingly related. All three involve health care providers that chose NST to install new solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Solar system at Washington […]

Celebrating Solar Visibility

AllEarth Renewables’ brand new PowerFlower is planned for limited release in Vermont during the summer of 2019. Courtesy photo.

Wayne Maceka

Remember when solar was something some people wanted to hide away on their roofs or behind their homes or businesses?

Imagine this being something that we said, looking back with […]

New Hampshire Business Solar Summit

to be Hosted in Derry June 5, 2019

Ten ground-mounted solar trackers at Derry’s transfer station will yield 155,000kWh per year. The system was installed May 2018. Photo by Granite State Solar

Craig Lazinsky

The Town of Derry New Hampshire’s NetZero Energy Task Force, along with Tupelo Music Hall, are co-sponsoring a New Hampshire […]