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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Help A. James Hansen Solve & Control CO2 Levels

Unless we stop the warming of our planet… says A. James Hansen… […]

LIVE Blog! from NESEA BE 12 – WTC – Boston, MA

Live! from Boston, MA – NESEA BE12! Here are some of the key notes and pic. Stay tuned as the Conference progresses! more to come… […]

Support group net metering in New Hampshire! Hearing tomorrow-Thursday

Important amendments to their net metering laws in New Hampshire could help stabilize energy costs through renewable energy! […]

Insurers See Growing Risks and Costs from Climate Change

“…impact of global warming than the insurance industry who are speaking out about the need to reverse global warming.” … these extreme weather events, fit a pattern predicted by climate scientists, and we should take action now to minimize the damage that carbon pollution is causing to our country and our world.” […]

Friday 9 am. Support hydro bill at S148 hearing at legislature

In-state hydro is the cheapest renewable energy we have, but the most expensive to permit. Let’s get this changed! […]

GMP Enhances Merger Value for CVPS Customers

…the CEED Fund will invest in customer efficiency measures, community-based renewable energy, weatherization and other improvements… […]

It’s Time to Move On to Clean Renewable Energy!

Energy awareness, understanding and independence in a sustainable world can lead us into the future that we want to leave to our children…. […]

Local renewable industry poised to make ‘Vermont energy strong’

“Growing our own renewable energy in-state is in keeping with Vermonters’ desire for self-reliance, a clean energy future that leaves a better legacy for our children, and keeping our dollars local.” […]

Hydropower in Vermont – Healthy for our future!

Local food. Local energy. Energy was from the two H’s: horse power and hydro power. The power for the mills was from gravity and falling water — hydropower. And there is no shortage of hills and falling water in Vermont. […]

March 21: Energy Independence Day

Declare your energy independence by participating in Vermont’s first crowd-sourced film. […]