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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Michael’s on the Hill – Green Restaurant Extraordinaire!

By N.R.Mallery

Winter restaurant

As part of our ‘Green Restaurant’ feature, this spring we want to acknowledge and give recognition to a deserving restaurant located on Route 100 N, in Waterbury, VT. Michael’s on the Hill has received the first Green Restaurant Designation and award in Vermont!

The award is given by the Vermont […]

Here Comes the Sun!

By David Van Houten

This is a story of community action and the changes that are happening to our energy economy. We have learned in recent years that many of the ways we make and use energy are expensive, harmful to our environment, and wasteful. North Country folks have generally been inclined to independence and […]

“Drive” of Silence Joins “Ride” of Silence in 11 VT Towns

Wednesday evening, May 16th

All are invited to participate in a “Ride of Silence” to remember bicyclists who have been injured or killed in crashes involving motor vehicles. The Ride of Silence is an annual event that happens on the same day in all 50 U.S. states and in countries around the world. Since 2007, […]

Fox News: Some Grown-Ups In Charge At Last?

By Diane Reynolds

Can Fox News be waking up? To global warming….to the dangers of fracking? Having NPR running in my blood, I don’t often (and maybe I should) check out the sources of differing views. But when G.E.T. publisher Nancy Rae Mallery sent two FoxNews.Com postings to me I was flabbergasted. Read their intro […]

Black River Produce is looking Greener …Big Time!

By Katherine Leversee

Mark Curran and Steve Birge, co-owners and founders of Black River Produce, a fresh food distributor serving Vermont, New Hampshire, western Massachusetts and New York, have always been committed to organic, sustainable agriculture. But now Black River is making a major move toward renewable energy.

“We’ve always been focused on the sustainable. […]

Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World: Hunger Mountain Coop, Montpelier, VT

By Krissy Leonard, Community Relations Manager

2012 is a special year for Hunger Mountain Coop. In September we will turn 40, celebrating four decades of commitment to our community and local food producers. 2012 also holds a special significance for our co-op and cooperative businesses around the world, as the United Nations General Assembly has […]

CVPS earns national acclaim for Irene recovery

“Irene presented some of the most difficult challenges in our history… […]


Is Obama a jobs killer because he vetoed Keystone XL pipeline until after the election?

Here’s the scoop:

A Solar Installer in Action

Despite claims to the contrary, TransCanada, the corporation behind the pipeline, is not even remotely interested in employing American workers. This so-called energy security conduit from the Land of the Maple […]

Help A. James Hansen Solve & Control CO2 Levels

Unless we stop the warming of our planet… says A. James Hansen… […]

LIVE Blog! from NESEA BE 12 – WTC – Boston, MA

Live! from Boston, MA – NESEA BE12! Here are some of the key notes and pic. Stay tuned as the Conference progresses! more to come… […]