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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

New Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Plan

States in the RGGI

By George Harvey

The Regional Green Gas Initiative (RGGI) is a market-based program to reduce greenhouse gases in nine states in the Northeast. The states involved are all those in New England, plus New York, Delaware, and Maryland.

The way the RGGI has functioned is to issue […]

US Renewable Energy Grows Another 10% in First Half of 2017

Renewables grow over 10% in first half of 2017 as consumption of fossil fuels and nuclear power falls. Solar use up 39.9%; Hydro up 16.1%; Wind up 15.7%; Biofuels up 2.3%; Geothermal up 1.8%. Nuclear power drops 3.3%; Fossil Fuels down 1.2%. Renewables now provide approximately 42% more energy than nuclear.

From The SUN DAY […]

Vermont’s Opportunity to Act on Climate

New Climate Action Commission Creates Potential Venue for Real Progress

By Johanna Miller

In June, the Trump administration abdicated their responsibility to act on climate change when they withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement. That left the U.S. in isolation from every other nation in the world who has committed to […]

Events Focus on Climate Action’s Economic Opportunity

While the new creation of the Vermont Climate Action Commission is an important step, it’s not charting new territory. There has been needed, growing momentum for this type of challenge-to-opportunity response. Here are a few specific opportunities for you to learn more about and get engaged in two of those important efforts, including:

Are We Choosing Doom?

Climate change could be bad, but probably not be this bad. Photo credit

By George Harvey

Dr. Joe J. Romm is one of our most important writers on climate change. The New York Times called him “one of the country’s most influential writers on climate change,” and he has been named […]

The Sound of Wind Turbines and the Horror of Genocide

(Please click on the image to enlarge it.)

By George Harvey

In May, as debate was going on before the Vermont Public Service Board on the sound of wind turbines, we got an email from Sarah Wolfe, VPIRG’s Clean Energy Advocate. It began, “Last night, someone compared sound from wind turbines to […]

Tax Reform and Climate Action:

Starting the Conversation

By Dana Drugmand

On yet another record-breaking warm day in April, a group of Vermonters gathered on the lawn in front of Capstone Community Action in Barre, many holding signs that read “Tax Reform and Climate Action.” Representative Johannah Leddy Donovan of Burlington stepped up to the podium and began a statewide […]

What Could We Do with a One-cent per Gallon-of-gasoline Carbon-pollution tax?

By Rick Wackernagel

In Vermont – and elsewhere — we need to accelerate adoption of low-carbon practices and technologies to achieve our climate goals. To increase adoption rates we need to address four main barriers:

high upfront costs of energy efficiency and renewable energy,

limited financial resources, lack of knowledge of low-carbon […]

Uncertainties For Net Metering in VT

Public Service Board Chooses Utilities Over Customers; Stalls Climate Action and Renewable Energy Progress

One of many pro-solar events held by groups in Vermont last year. Photo courtesy of VPIRG.

MONTPELIER, VT – Environmental, climate, and sustainable business groups joined together recently to express grave concern over proposed changes to net metering, the program […]

Leaking Oil Pipelines

Destruction from a gas pipeline and explosion in San Bruno, California, 2010. Photo by Brocken Inaglory. CC BY-SA 3.0.

By George Harvey

Last September, the Washington D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the National Environmental Policy Act did not require federal agencies authorizing a portion of an interstate oil pipeline to […]