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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Out to Save the World

A world-class physicist and a high school student team up.

By George Harvey

Dr. Steve Reucroft is a group leader at CERN, the huge international particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. As such, we could say he is a world-class physicist. Alex Fay is a Boston-area high school student about to enter his junior year. He […]

Vermont Public Service Department:

Vermont Public Service Department Announces Inaugural Meeting of Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel

Montpelier, Vermont – The Public Service Department announced on September 17, 2014 that the inaugural meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP), created by the legislature in Act 179 to succeed the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel, will be held […]

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

*Full Committee* “Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning: Stakeholder Views”

BACKGROUND: Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, will convene a hearing to examine requirements and challenges associated with decommissioning nuclear reactors throughout the nation.


WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2014 10:00 AM ET


EPW Hearing Room […]

Sanders and Welch Bills Would Give States More Say In Nuclear Plant Shutdowns

Commissioner Recchia to Testify at U.S. Senate Hearing

WASHINGTON, May 13 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today introduced legislation to give states a greater role in decommissioning nuclear power plants.

Vermont and neighboring states should have more input in the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission process for determining what happens after the shutdown later […]

January 9 Energy Week

With George Harvey and Tom Finnell And Guest Leslie Sullivan Sachs of the Safe and Green Campaign presenting the week’s energy news

Safe and Green Campaign’s website can be found by following This Link.

George’s blog can be found by following This Link.


Shumlin, Vt. Yankee Reach Deal

Reposted from Valley News:

In this June 19, 2013 photo, the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station sits along the banks of the Connecticut River in Vernon, Vt. Entergy Corp., announced Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013, it will shut down the nuclear power plant by end of 2014, ending a long legal battle with the state. […]

Cleaning Up VT Yankee: Three Perspectives

Safe and Green is hosting a decommissioning panel on Tuesday Dec. 3, 6:30pm at SIT in Brattleboro. “Cleaning Up VT Yankee: Three Perspectives”

Since Entergy announced that it would stop producing power (and radioactive waste) at the end of 2014, there have been some proposals made about the best process and time line for decommissioning. […]

Why Four Scientists are All Wrong

A note on the news of November 4

By George Harvey

Four environmental scientists got a lot of press today, after they called on green groups to back development of ‘safe’ nuclear reactors. The reason they did this is that they believe we cannot rely on solar and wind to do the job.

I believe […]

Letter to the Editor on Vermont Yankee

Dear Editor,

Just a few weeks ago, Entergy, the owners of Vermont Yankee, announced that they will shut down operations at the plant at the end of 2014. This is welcome news to many throughout Vermont, neighboring Massachusetts and New Hampshire. But is it also an announcement that brings trepidation with it, knowing that […]

Federal legislation key to jobs-creating, swift VY clean-up

By Lissa Weinmann

While some celebrate and some lament news of Entergy’s decision to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, we all need to work together to assure that decontamination begins immediately in order to preserve and create hundreds of jobs and assure the safe storage of highly radioactive waste that will certainly remain […]