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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

November 13 Green Energy News


“China’s Climate Change Plan Raises Questions” Many questions surround China’s plans, which President Xi Jinping announced in Beijing alongside President Obama after months of negotiations. In essence, experts asked, do the pledges go far enough, and how will China achieve them? [New York Times] “Carbon Capture, Water, and the U.S.-China Climate Agreement” The agreement […]

November 12 Green Energy News

World: US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced both countries will curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades. The US would cut its 2005 level of carbon emissions by 26-28% before 2025. China would peak its carbon emissions and get 20% of its energy from zero-carbon sources by 2030. [CNN] […]

October 22 Green Energy News


“When Grid Defection Makes Economic Sense (Graphs & Charts)” A Rocky Mountain Institute and Cohn Reznick report, “The Economics of Grid Defection,” addresses the question of when it makes sense to go off the grid in various parts of the US for those in the residential or commercial sectors. [CleanTechnica]


The UK’s wind […]

October 21 Green Energy News


“Oil decline: Price makes the story” When the world’s business editors sent their reporters canvassing to find out what is behind the recent plunge in the world oil price, they looked at normal economics in action. But the issue here has much more to do with politics than with supply and demand. [Resilience]

Science […]

October 17 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

For years, some critics of renewable energy have contended that it’s really no better than fossil fuels when you consider the entire life cycle that goes into making their components. But comprehensive research recently released shows how far off their thinking is from reality. []


Wind power is blowing gas and […]

October 16 Green Energy News


“Pa. backs fossil fuels instead of clean energy” Governor Corbett has signed letters demanding that the EPA reconsider its proposed rule to limit carbon dioxide pollution, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection refuses to allow its own Climate Change Advisory Committee to advise on how to implement the rule. [] “In Minnesota, jobs […]

Out to Save the World

A world-class physicist and a high school student team up.

By George Harvey

Dr. Steve Reucroft is a group leader at CERN, the huge international particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. As such, we could say he is a world-class physicist. Alex Fay is a Boston-area high school student about to enter his junior year. He […]

October 15 Green Energy News


A new survey of Australian households conducted by Ernst & Young across regional and metro Victoria, NSW and Queensland found 9 out of 10 Australians have considered or would consider switching to solar power. The main motivation is cutting electricity bills, but environmental benefits have appeal too. [Treehugger] A number of major companies are […]

October 8 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

Researchers at the Ohio State University have succeeded in combining a battery and a solar cell into one hybrid device, thus creating the world’s first solar battery. A mesh solar panel allows air to enter the battery, and light and oxygen enable different parts of the chemical reactions that charge the battery. […]

Vermont Public Service Department:

Vermont Public Service Department Announces Inaugural Meeting of Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel

Montpelier, Vermont – The Public Service Department announced on September 17, 2014 that the inaugural meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP), created by the legislature in Act 179 to succeed the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel, will be held […]