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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Renewable Energy Veterans Martha Staskus and Jonathan Lynch

Martha Staskus and Jonathan Lynch have joined the list of renewable energy veterans in leadership roles at Norwich Solar Technologies (NST). Norwich Solar Technologies CEO Jim Merriam has formally announced the addition of Martha Staskus as Vice President of Development and Jonathan Lynch as Vice President of Research & Development.

Norwich Solar Technologies’ CEO Jim […]

October 5 Green Energy News

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“Australia Set for More Records in Annual RET Accreditations” • The Clean Energy Regulator in Australia said it expects more than 3.4 GW of large-scale renewable power plants to get accredited under the Renewable Energy Target this year, and up to 4.3 GW to follow in 2019. In 2017, there were 1.7 GW […]

October 4 Green Energy News

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“Organic Valley to Become 100% Renewably Powered in 2019” • Organic Valley, a cooperative of organic farmers, announced the details of its community solar partnership. The project enables Organic Valley to share the benefits of solar energy with its rural neighbors and become the largest food company to be 100% renewably powered. [waste360] […]

Bernie Sanders Congratulates Jeff Bezos For Taking His Advice

By Arthur Delaney, HUFFPOST

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) congratulated Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday for announcing he would raise wages to $15 per hour for all Amazon employees.

Since August, Sanders had waged an aggressive shame campaign against the company, the second largest employer in the United States, for paying wages […]

October 3 Green Energy News

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“Climate Change Will Devastate National Parks, Impact Electrical Grids, & Spur Mass Migration In The US” • For a Chinese hoax, climate change is having some very real impacts on the United States and its people. As the evidence grows that the Earth will continue to get warmer, the US government continues to […]

October 2 Green Energy News

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“Tesla Is 2 Years Ahead Of Schedule On Gigafactory 1” • Tesla is often criticized for slipping on targets. But Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is solidly on track to achieve a battery production volume of 35 GWh per year by the end of 2018. This is two years ahead of the original […]

October 1 Green Energy News

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“The people building a greener future” • Constructing new environmentally-friendly buildings is expected to generate more than 6.5 million jobs by 2030, according to predictions by the International Labor Organization. Following energy, building will be the second fastest growing sector for green jobs in the coming decades. [BBC]

Planeta-DeAgostini head office in […]

September 30 Green Energy News

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“Disaster could be a turning point in energy debate” • Arguing that money would be better spent shifting to renewable energy, environmentalists have been prodding Massachusetts for years to move away from natural gas. The recent gas fires and explosions in the Merrimack Valley have renewed debate over the use of natural gas. […]

September 29 Green Energy News

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“Forbes: Electric Cars = The Future, Gasmobile Killers” • Are the days of the gas guzzler numbered? Tom Raftery (via Forbes) says there are “seven reasons why the internal combustion engine is a dead man walking.” He explains, “…the move from ICE vehicles to electric will happen sooner and more quickly than most […]

September 28 Green Energy News

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“Offgrid communities: using renewable energy to live independently” • According to CE Delft’s report, The Potential of Energy Cities in the European Union, by 2050 almost half of all European Union households could help to produce renewable energy, with off-grid communities contributing 37% of this amount. [Power Technology]

Turbines on the island […]