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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Feeling your Oats

Avena sativa, the Unexpected Superfood

Large glumes of Avena sativa plant enveloping 2-4 glabrous and mostly awn less florets characterizes the spikelet of cultivated oats. Image: Matt Lavin/Flickr

Larry Plesent

When I think of superfoods (ingredients that are especially high in vitamins, minerals and other botanical goodies), I think of exotic red berries from […]

Slather Up for Better Aging

Sunflower oil. Image from Wikipedia.

Larry Plesent

I have a big problem with the phrase “anti-aging.” It sounds so military. As if aging is the enemy, and we must marshal all forces against it.

The new term circulating through the trade rags is “better-aging,” and I consider it to be a […]

Making Light of It

Larry Plesent

This issue’s “Ingredient of the Month” focuses on light and specifically the blue-white light that is wavelength 483 nanometers; just before the UV (ultra violet) range.

Several disturbing reports have come out in the past year about old 483, including one from the University of Toledo illustrating the mechanism of retinal eye damage […]

The Dark Side of Green

Are you heating your home entirely with local firewood? Cordwood Image: Flickr

Larry Plesent

Worried about your health? The health of your pets, children and the planet? In the end, it’s the con in convenience that screws everything up. Forget about diabetes, obesity, and immune-system breakdowns. How about just getting outside for some fresh […]

Dangerous Brew


Larry Plesent

I didn’t always love beer. That came later in life, after the craft beer revolution began taking off in the late 1980s. Give me a lightly hopped IPA with hints of citrus – almost heaven. But peeling back the layers, just how benign is that beer? Let’s get into […]

Organic Wipes?

Flushable wipes cause sewer clogs. Image:

Larry Plesent

Flushable damp wipes for keeping you extra clean are already very popular and becoming more so every day. But how flushable are those polyester wipes? And what happens to them after you flush them out of sight and mind?

Polyester is PET […]

Vermont Attorney General Continues Challenge to Federal Exemptions of Mercury Products

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs save lots of energy, but they are manufactured with small amounts of mercury. All Images from Wikipedia.

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan announced that the State of Vermont recently filed its brief to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, continuing its challenge of a decision by the United States Environmental […]

The Making of a Philosopher Brain

Larry Plesent

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.” – Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel)

Real philosopher brains are rarer than hen’s teeth these days, and I for one do not consider this to be a healthy state of affairs. There is little […]

Ingredient of the Month: Law of Sticktion

By Larry Plesent

Long time readers of this column will recall that this writer, like Einstein, believes there is only one set of rules that govern all matter and energy transactions inside this astonishing bubble that we call our universe. Taken to its logical extreme, this theory means that whether living or dead, slow moving […]

Molecules Just Do Not Stay Put

By Larry Plesent

Molecules just don’t like to stay put. They’re likely to run off and hook up with the first available oxygen or hydrogen they find sitting on the nearest barstool. Having essentially no weight, they are off like a prom dress at the drop of a hat and blown about on the fickle […]