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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Top Ten Reasons to Attend NY-GEO 2017

Numbers 10 through 6! #10 Learn about New York’s Renewable Heating & Cooling Policy Framework, designed to catapult NY’s buildings into a carbon free future. #9 Meet an impressive group of Attendees and Speakers – Last year 200 came from 111 different communities in 25 states, 4 provinces and 5 countries #8 Get Professional Development […]

Geothermal Seminar

Join the New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA) for their bi-monthly Geothermal Seminars – non-members are welcome to attend as well! Topics for discussion in this seminar will include:

Seasonal thermal energy storage for sustainable heating & cooling Case study of a thermal powered building in Portsmouth, NH


Mark […]

National Grid NY President to speak at NY GEO Conference

NY-GEO 2017 The Premier North East Renewable Heating & Cooling Conference 2nd Keynote Speaker: Just Confirmed !!! Kenneth D. Daly President, National Grid NY

Get a “Utility Customer’s View of the Benefits and Challenges of Geothermal Heating and Cooling”. Learn About NGrid’s REV pilot project to use Geothermal instead of Natural Gas for […]

NY Geothermal Conference – 10% discount ends March 1st

Learn About New York’s NEW Geothermal Incentive Program & Renewable Heating & Cooling Policy Framework !!!

10% Early Bird Registration Discount Until March 1st ! The New York Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO) presents New York’s premier geothermal conference: NY-GEO 2017

40% x 2030* with Geothermal Heating & Cooling *New York State’s greenhouse gas reduction target […]

Big News for NY Geothermal Heating

On February 7, 2017, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a proposal to provide incentives for geothermal heat pumps. This is a $15 million program, with the maximum incentive to be a $6000 rebate. This news just came out as Green Energy Times was preparing to go to press. More will be coming in our […]


Renewable Heating and Cooling Policy Framework Will Further Development of Renewable Heating and Cooling Initiatives to Stimulate Market Growth

Technology Supports New York State’s Clean Energy Goal of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 40 Percent by 2030

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a $15 million proposal to accelerate the use of renewable […]

Geothermal Heating Advocates Deliver Letter with More than 160 Signatories Calling on Governor Cuomo to Include Geothermal Tax Credit in his Executive Budget

Albany, NY – On Thursday, December 15th, New Yorkers for Clean Power and the NY Geothermal Energy Organization delivered a letter to Governor Cuomo calling on him to include a 25% tax credit for geothermal installations in his upcoming state budget. In November, the Governor had vetoed a geothermal tax credit bill which had been […]

Geothermal Tax Credit Bill Vetoed by Governor Cuomo

From NY-GEO: We are disappointed to report that despite widespread support from so many of you, Governor Cuomo has vetoed the geothermal tax credit bill. His veto message is included below. Our friends in the legislature will work to include the tax credit in the 2017-18 state budget and we will be working with them […]

Alert! Geothermal bill on NY Gov’s desk. Clock is ticking

Will he sign?

A bill to establish a tax credit for geothermal heating and cooling systems in New York has just landed on the Governor’s desk. This bill is critical because space heating accounts for 1/3 of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions, and heat pump technology like geothermal is our way to a fossil-fuel-free […]

Urge Gov. Cuomo to Say Yes to Geothermal with the Sierra Club!

A bill is awaiting Governor Cuomo’s signature that could make a big difference for New York’s environment and our clean energy economy!

A.9925/S.6249 creates important tax incentives for the development of geothermal energy systems -innovative technology that uses thermal energy stored in the Earth and brings that energy into homes and businesses through a […]