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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Vermont Bans Food Waste from Landfills

Bulldozer at Coventry landfill. Photo: Jonny Finity.

By Clare Innes

Why does Vermont care what you do with your food scraps?

It all started about a jillion years ago, when cave-dwelling humans needed somewhere to dump their leftovers. They tossed their banana peels into a hole in the ground and called it “Landfill […]

Are You Scared Yet?

The Scream (1893, Edvard Munch).

By George Harvey

Are you ready to watch the scariest movie plot ever produced play out? This one is especially scary because it is in full 3-D, accompanied by surround sound and real sensations ranging from the smells to the physical pains. It promises to give you […]

Red Sox vs Yankees:

How the Rivals are Both Scoring Home Runs in Sustainability

PLUS: Super Bowl LII Goes Green!

The famous “Green Monster” at Fenway Park in Boston, user. Map: Ben Blatt/Harvard Sports Analysis Collective

By Chris Gillespie

Whether you’re wearing Red Sox red or Yankees navy blue, if you’re attending one of these […]

Clean Energy Momentum

Ratings for the top ten states

To determine the clean energy momentum state ranking, UCS analyzed the 50 states on 12 metrics, such as job creation, pollution reduction, renewable energy in the electricity generation mix, and policies to advance clean energy. California leads the way, with strong showings on eight metrics and the number […]


By George Harvey

Donald Trump would abdicate America’s climate leadership.

But states, towns, cities, schools, businesses, and ordinary people are stepping up to make America great again.

And that just may be the year’s biggest story.

By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump left America’s seat at the table […]

Hanover Pledges to Go 100% Renewable

Hanover, NH, 29th US municipality to commit to replacing fossil fueled energy with renewable energy. Image: Dartmouth Flickr

By Rick Wackernagel

On May 9, 2017, the townspeople of Hanover, New Hampshire voted to make their town the 29th municipality in the United States to commit to getting all its energy from renewable […]

This Is Not a Tragedy – It’s the First Act of a Comedy:

Trump, the EPA, and the Clean Power Plan

By George Harvey

Donald Trump has acted to trash the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). For some of us who cherish Mother Earth and our own progeny, this was a truly frightening action. Some have gone so far to call it a “planetary […]

NASCAR vs. Leilani Münter: Who Will Win?

Leilani Munter, vegan, hippie chick with a racecar and a mission for the planet. Photo credit: Scott LePage

By Sara Gutterman

If you’ve never heard of Leilani (, the beautiful and talented environmentalist race car driver, you’re missing out. Münter, the only carbon-neutral NASCAR driver, uses her sport in the most unlikely way […]

Thousands Of Jobs Available!

Jessica Kilroy at work (YouTube screen shot)

What Do You Do for a Living?

By George Harvey

One of the most interesting videos I have seen recently is “Climbing Wind Turbines for a Living | That’s Amazing” (, produced by the Weather Channel. In it, Jessica Kilroy, an attractive young woman […]

Liberating Science

You Can’t Fire the Planet

By George Harvey

Many Americans think of science as beyond the reach of ordinary people or even local government. Where amateurs among our founding fathers enjoyed making exciting scientific discoveries and developing inventions, in our more recent history we came increasingly to regard ourselves as dependent on large […]