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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences Goes Solar

Executive Director of VINS, Charlie Rattigan and the 86-kW DC roof-top solar system that is expected to produce 111,000kWh of electricity per year. Image: Norwich Solar Technologies.

Steve Snyder

Ever since his arrival at The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) four years ago, Executive Director, Charlie Rattigan, and the Board of Directors have […]

How and When to Talk to a Child about Climate Change

The Climate Reality Project

Even as an adult, climate change is a lot to wrap your head around. And talking about the issue with kids? That can feel impossible.

But kids today will face the challenges of a warming world head-on. They have a right to understand the realities of the climate crisis and what […]

The Aftermath of COP24

Demonstration in Luxembourg. Photo: GilPe. Photos from Wikimedia Commons

George Harvey

The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations (U.N.) Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) was brought to a close a day late, with what many people would call a watered-down agreement. The news about it has continued, however.

The Context of COP24

António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations. Photo: Kuhlmann / MSC. Photos from Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

Climate change denial is well-funded and pervasive. The Wikipedia article “Climate change denial” says, “Climate change denial has been associated with the fossil fuels lobby, the Koch brothers, industry advocates and conservative think tanks, […]

COP24 – The Conference

Demonstration in Paris. Photo: VVVCFFrance. Wikimedia Commons

George Harvey

The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) was scheduled for December 2, 2018 to December 14, 2018. The purpose of the conference was to create a set of rules for determining that countries were adhering […]

Mad River and Climate Change

Content information from Vermont Research Newsletter of September 21, 2018

Mad River, Vermont. Image:

A recent study published in Science Direct ( focused on the effects of climate change on the Mad River in Vermont. The study found that watershed discharge and sediment yield are expected to increase with warming temperatures, and that […]

Dartmouth Takes Solar to the Mountain

Nature’s Power Hits Moosilauke!

Nancy Rae Mallery, publisher of G.E.T.

There is a new sight to see on Moosilauke Mountain. The Class of 1978 Bunkhouse of the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, in Woodstock, NH is now powered by nature. The directional orientation and pitch of the newly renovated roof was ideal to allow Norwich […]

Sustainable Apple Orchards

Apples at Scott Farm Orchard. Courtesy Kelly Carlin.

George Harvey

As we all know, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And though that proverb apparently did not come from Benjamin Franklin, as I had thought, it has been shown by medical researchers that apples have significant health benefits. Of course, […]

Microplastics in Our Fish

Bait fish

George Harvey

We have seen a number of articles about microplastics, or microbeads, in Green Energy Times before. Two examples are Larry Plesent’s article, “Microbeads are in the News!” which appeared in December 15, 2015 (, and “Garbage Patches in our Oceans,” which appeared in August 15, 2015. (

Vermont Needs a Clean Water Commitment

Lake Champlain hosts blue-green-algae blooms that close beaches every summe.

By Mark Curran

Vermont faces numerous environmental challenges, but there are two that need our immediate attention. Greenhouse emissions and resulting climate changes are things all Vermont businesses need to address. Unfortunately, Vermont cannot go it alone, and it requires an […]