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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Ecological Economic Growth – An Imperative Policy Path

Antarctic sunset. NOAA photo.

By Roy Morrison

The fact that it was warmer in parts of the U.S. and Europe in February 2018 than at the North Pole should get more than our passing attention. It is time to pursue a global agenda for dramatic and healing change an emergency basis. It is a […]

A New Metaphor

Rock Concert fire show (Les Panchyshyn, Wikimedia Commons)

By George Harvey

Freedom of speech?

Imagine being in at a really great indoor rock concert. You got a really good seat, about five rows back from the stage and right in the center of the theater. Exiting out will be a chore, […]

Events Focus on Climate Action’s Economic Opportunity

While the new creation of the Vermont Climate Action Commission is an important step, it’s not charting new territory. There has been needed, growing momentum for this type of challenge-to-opportunity response. Here are a few specific opportunities for you to learn more about and get engaged in two of those important efforts, including:

Six Cent Solar! Cheapest Solar in the World Sets the Stage

The April 2014 Edition of Green Energy Times is now Available Online

You can now view the full version of our current issue of Green Energy Times from the ‘Current & Past Issues’ Quick Link here in the left side of this page.

There is a lot of exciting information in this issue, like where to find Solar Installers in your area, Green Builders, Building Efficiency and […]

UVM-GMP Announce Far-Reaching Initiative to Promote Vermont

University of Vermont President Tom Sullivan and Green Mountain Power CEO Mary Powell hold a press conference to announce an agreement that will promote educational, environmental and economic development growth in Vermont on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Mountain Power and the University of Vermont announced today they have entered into an agreement […]

As part of an Energy Retrofit, Solar IS Going Back On the White House … just as promised

Solar, energy efficiency of the building, Hybrid cars are all cutting the whitehouse greenhouse gas emissions. Why? Climate Change! […]

Vermont’s New Economy Week – Oct 10-20, 2013

Would you like to have … lower taxes, repaired roads and bridges, and a Vermont State budget surplus ? … If so, a Vermont State Bank could make these things possible. Join us => Enosburg, Oct. 13 … Episcopal Church Parish Hall

Put the “lively” back in the livelihoods with Vermont’s New Economy Week


New Economy Night slated for Sunday, October 13th in Enosburg

Lower taxes, better maintained roads and bridges, and a new source of revenue for the Vermont State budget will be the focus at the New Economy Night on Sunday, October 13th in Enosburg. The presentations and subsequent discussion will focus on how a Vermont State Bank can make these things possible. The event will take […]

Vermonters for a New Economy

New Economy Week is October 10 through October 20!

This fall, come celebrate the New Economy with people across Vermont and across the country! There are many fun and interesting activities planned, from a New Economy dance at the Old Labor Hall in Barre on October 12th, a discussion of how co-ops democratize […]