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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Creating a Zero Energy House from a Historic Shell

Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 4pm,

Community Building in Enfield (Rt4 / Main St) Reception following at the house, 78 Main St, Enfield

The talk is free; rsvp is requested (but not required):

Please join me on Sunday, June 3rd for a presentation call “Creating a Zero Energy Building from a Historic Shell”. This […]

Lighting 101 – An LED Primer

LED’s . . . As Efficient As It Gets

by Steve Augustus of LED Dynamics

To the layperson, the new models of lighting can seem intimidating and expensive. What’s wrong with the lights we have now? We know they work and we like the light and they are cheap. We’ve tried compact florescent lights, or […]

Plot to Plant With Cat Buxton

Gardening Workshop

White River Community Garden, Ratcliffe Park, White River Junction Wednesday, May 16 5:30 to 6:30

Topics include: Design logic, planning for succession crops, preparing soil, crop rotation, frost and sun protection, hardening plants, seeding tips, timing and temperature, thinning, using mulch.

This workshop is free.

Assessing Whether Solar Panels Make Sense for You

Re-posted from New York Times 5/11/12

As I report in The Times, legions of companies will offer to install a system at no upfront cost and promise customers cheaper, cleaner electricity over the course of 20 years. Some are small and local, while others, including SolarCity, Sunrun, Sungevity and SunEdison, are larger, with national […]

Book Reviews

Permaculture Pioneers Stories From the New Frontier

Edited by Kerry Dawborn & Caroline Smith Review by Diane Reynolds.

A treasure trove of permaculture lore, this book is brought to you in an extremely engaging format … lots of baby memoirs — memoirettes — of permaculture practitioners.

Permaculture is the comprehensive term for living sustainability on […]

Cold Cape?

Left: roof rafters and dormer sides

Cape style homes are classic and plentiful here in Northern New England, originating in the 1700’s as a practical, sturdy style home to withstand our weather. Unfortunately, they have those cold kneewall areas. These kneewalls are usually 2×4 construction with R-11 fiberglass and the cold air easily penetrates […]

Campbell’s Uses Alternatives to BPA!

By N.R.Mallery,

A big name in the canned goods world has taken steps against BPA. G.E.T. had covered this topic in ‘Green Tips’ Advice on Avoiding BPA Exposure’ in our Feb. 15, 2012 Issue.

“BPA has been linked in human and animal studies to heart disease, early onset puberty, behavior problems, diabetes and breast cancer. […]

For healthy fruit and a healthy world, say, “Oh! Shun Spray!”

by Jonathan Teller-Elsberg

Whether or not you’ve read Rachel Carson’s classic book, Silent Spring, you likely know the basic gist that synthetic pesticides have nasty, unintended side effects. This is true for insecticides, fungicides, and all the other –cides (from the Latin for “killer”) marketed to growers as the solution to disease and pest damage. […]

Repeal $113 billion of tax-breaks, handouts, & subsidies for the fossil fuel industry!

paying them a performance bonus for wrecking the climate. We’ll never get to renewable energy if we keep handing gobs of money to oil and coal and gas. …we need to come out as strong as possible. Add your voice to a brand new effort to end fossil fuel subsidies… […]


The Evolution of the Energy Co-op of VT

“Supporters Help Launch Co-op Solar” From left to right: Eric Hartman from Harvestar, Tom Longstreth – Exec. Dir. at ReSOURCE, Alicia Gant from VSECU Solar Loan Program, Tom Hughes – CEO at Sunward Systems LLC, John Quinney – GM at Energy Co-op, Peggy Treanor – Co-op […]