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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Citizen Participation in 100% Renewable Energy Goals in Hanover, NH

By Barbara Callaway

Last year Hanover, NH adopted the goals of using 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2050. The town is actively taking steps to reach these goals. An organized group in Hanover, the Neighborhood Action Group (NAG), is working to encourage neighborhood residents to […]

Imagine … New York City Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Stuy Town: Innovations in Solar & Grass that Cities Can Embrace

By George Harvey

In the 1840s, a new source of energy was being employed in Manhattan. It was coal gas, a product created by heating coal with insufficient oxygen to burn it. Coal gas included hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, all of […]

Rebuilding After a Disaster

Photo courtesy of Wright Construction.

By George Harvey

Carl Lavallee is the Chief Operating Officer at Wright Construction in Mount Holly, Vermont. He has some insights about disasters. He told us, “With a forest fire, what we see is huge devastation and all seems to be lost. But there is rebirth. In […]

A Real Home-Grown, High-Performance Door

Gryphon Doors – keep your home warm and tight with mycelium

Gryphon Door in Charlotte, VT. Photo: Ben Graham

By Ben Graham

At the beginning of the last energy efficiency revolution that brought about Passive House, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero and Vermont High Performance Homes, it was widely reported that windows and doors […]

New Hampshire’s First Multi-Family Passive House

Slated for Occupancy in July

Gilford Knolls III, in late May, 2018. Photo: Greg Whitchurch.

By Greg Whitchurch

Gilford Knolls III ( will provide 24 affordable, one-bedroom apartments for seniors and will be New Hampshire’s first multi-family dwelling to be built to the Passive House standard.

A passive building is designed and built in […]

Deadlines Coming Soon, Apply Now for Building Technologies Office Funding Opportunities

The Building Technologies Office currently has three open funding opportunities with deadlines quickly approaching, apply now!

Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) 2018 will fund up to $19.5 million for approximately 15-25 cost-shared projects focused on early-stage R&D to enable the development of novel technologies that can improve efficiency, reduce the […]

Upcoming Webinar: Using Commercial PACE Financing to Improve Efficiency and Resiliency in Buildings

It’s one thing to say you need to make your buildings more adaptable to unpredictable weather events and more energy-efficient; it’s another thing to actually pay for it. Resiliency upgrades often come with a high upfront cost, so where does the money come from?

Enter CPACE!

This webinar will introduce you […]

New Funding Opportunity Includes Emphasis on Building Energy Codes

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office (BTO) has announced the availability of up to $11.5 million for a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) titled, “Building America Industry Partnerships and Research Priorities for High-Performance Housing Innovation – 2018.”

As part of this announcement, BTO supports research priorities in the residential […]

A Teaser — Better Buildings by Design 2018 Hit the Target

By Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Better Buildings by Design (BBD), an annual conference held in Burlington and sponsored by Efficiency Vermont, covers residential and commercial building, sustainability, building systems and remote monitoring, lighting, heating and cooling, building standards, construction techniques, regulatory policy, green energy, the latest in building science, energy modeling, and so much […]

Is It Greener to Take Showers or Baths?

And How Can I Save Water Either Way?

EarthTalk®, From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

Whether or not a shower or bath uses less water depends on various factors including how much you fill the tub, how long you spend in the shower and the “gallons per minute” rating of your […]