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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Revamped HHI Tool is First Step to a More Energy-Efficient Home

With an eye on making life easier and homes more energy efficient, NHSaves has unveiled a revamped online tool that calculates fuel usage and qualifies residential customers for rebates and incentives through the Audits and Weatherization program.

The improved home heating index tool (HHI), which launched on the NHSaves’ website on […]

Many Benefits: Invest in Low-income Solar

Solar energy has chronically had trouble getting access to the investment side of low income housing development. The concept of tax credit finance for low income housing is that low income folks need housing, spend money on rent, benefit the community when they have stable housing, but struggle to make long term investments individually and […]

Energy Audits for the Home Owner

The naked eye cannot detect heat loss in a home. Photos courtesy of Michael Canavan

Michael Canavan

In today’s home environment, greater consideration is given to the energy usage of residential buildings – from multi-unit buildings to tiny houses. The adoption of higher performance energy codes is helping to improve energy usage in the […]

LEED Performance Buildings in the Northeast

Environmental benefits include composting toilets

Composting takes place in all soils that support plant and animal life. As waste breaks down in the composter a less chemically complex, more chemically stable substance rich in organic matter and very similar to soil is produced. Human waste consisting mostly of water is reduced by over 90%. By-products […]

Do-It-Yourself Energy Upgrades

Vermiculite insulation may contain asbestos and should not be disturbed. Photo by David Keefe.

David Keefe

Vermonters are a handy bunch. Many of us build, repair, or renovate things on our own. If you are considering an energy-efficiency upgrade, you might be thinking about doing it yourself. This article is the first in a […]

Wentworth Community Housing:

A Look at The Upper Valley’s New Solar-Powered, Super-Insulated Apartments

Extraordinarily affordable and energy-efficient multi-unit building to open in White River Junction this summer

Wentworth Community Housing will be getting most of its energy from the sun, thanks to a 70 kW-DC PV array installed by Norwich Solar Technologies. Efficiencies are seen thoughout the […]

AeroBarrier: Case Study No.1

Lake Placid Cabin: all is set up for AeroBarrier install. Photos courtesy of Nate Gusakov

Nate Gusakov

In our last article we introduced AeroBarrier. Here’s a quick refresher:

In essence, the system involves blower door pressurization of the house (to +100 pascals), a series of tripods with […]

NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act

What Does It Mean for Building Owners?

By Marc Zuluaga

In April of this year, Introduction 1253-2018 was approved by the New York City Council along with several other major pieces of legislation as part of a Climate Mobilization Act. While it will take some time to more precisely gauge the Climate Mobilization Act’s impact […]

Free Webinar on Wednesday: Five Ways Construction is Changing

Builders are facing strong demand but saddled with a massive shortage of skilled labor. In this webinar, Editor-In-Chief Matt Power explores how these conditions has made them more than usually open to new products and systems, from envelopes to “disruptive” insulating techniques. He’ll talk about new methods of wrapping and sealing buildings, new electronic systems […]

NHSaves Earns Highest Energy Star Leadership Award

NHSaves, a leader in guiding residential, commercial, industrial and municipal gas and electric customers toward energy savings through incentive-based programs, has earned the highest ENERGY STAR honor bestowed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

NH Saves received the 2019 ENERGY STAR Partner of the […]