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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

RELiON Battery Joins 1% for the Planet

RELiON Battery, to donate 1% of annual sales to environmental causes

On July 30, 2020, RELiON Battery announced that they have become a member of the international non-profit organization, 1% for the Planet, ( pledging to donate 1% of annual sales to fund eco-friendly, earth-conscious causes and organizations around […]

Clean Energy Group Proposes 20 Federal Strategies to Advance Battery Storage Markets

Recommends New Federal Policy, Support for Low- and Moderate-Income Communities, and New Finance Tools

Montpelier, VT – Clean Energy Group (CEG), a national nonprofit organization that has worked on multiple battery storage issues over the last several years, has proposed a comprehensive series of new policy actions the federal government could take to accelerate […]

Working Together: Fortress Battery and Green Mountain Solar

In Hinesburg, VT, 24 LG panels enjoy clear-blue summer skies to power the home and charge the Fortress back-up-energy-storage system. Photos courtesy of Green Mountain Solar.

George Harvey

Fortress Power

Regular readers of Green Energy Times might have read “Battery Storage Choices Grow with Fortress Power,” an article that was […]

Battery Storage Choices Grow with Fortress Power

Fortress Power eVault 18.5 installation. Courtesy photos.

Chris Sparadeo

In the past, flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries have been the first choice for those living off-grid. Although they have historically been the backbone of remote electrification, these batteries come with tradeoffs. Off-gassing, equalization charge, hydrometer readings are concepts that off-grid homeowners have come to grudgingly […]

Liquid Air Energy Storage in Vermont

Cryogenic energy storage system. Image: Highview Power.

George Harvey

Two energy companies announced that they will co-develop a highly unusual energy-storage project in Vermont. It will be the first commercial cryogenic energy-storage system in the United States. It will use air that has been cooled to the point of being […]

Lithium vs. Lead-Acid Batteries

Comparing Total Cost of Ownership

Craig Quentin, Applications Engineer, RELiON Battery

Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries offer users practical advantages such as lighter weight and hands-off operation. These batteries also have longer lifetimes which makes for far less frequent battery replacements and service calls.

But many first-time buyers of LiFePO4 batteries […]

A Game-Changer for Off-Grid Battery Storage

The lead-acid battery bank consisted of 24-2V batteries. All photos: N.R. Mallery

N.R. Mallery

As Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they are a changin’…”. The change is now. Battery storage, on or off the grid today has produced a real game-changer. And my off-the-grid experience proves it.

In the beginning, I […]

Huge Batteries Store Energy for Holyoke Gas and Electric

The new battery system that stores energy made from the solar at Holyoke Gas and Electric.

Green Energy Times staff

The old Mount Tom coal-burning plant. Wikimedia Commons.

The article, “From Dirty Coal to Solar Power,” ( which appeared in the December 2016 issue of Green Energy Times, described what was […]

GMP-installed Tesla Batteries and Home Solar Arrays Save Money for Everyone

George Harvey

Green Mountain Power (GMP), which provides electric utility services for roughly three-quarters of the people of Vermont, has reported significant savings from the growth of net-metered solar power and installations of Tesla Powerwall batteries, which it subsidized. In fact, during a heatwave in August it saved $600,000 because of the combination […]

Simpliphi Lithium Batteries: Storing Solar Power in Our Neck of the Woods

Fabrizio’s home at Windy Ridge Orchards nearNorth Haverhill, New Hampshire.

New system at Fabrizio’s home.

By John Hassell

Simpliphi lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) batteries are making their way into residential and small business renewable energy applications in the North Country. Let’s take a look at a few residential systems […]