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August 2021 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Double Trouble
1 Jay Leno Affirms Tesla Plaid
1 Community Solar Newbury, Vermont

News and Happenings

2 Green Energy Times Is Expanding Into Maine!
2 Energy Expo 2021: Plainfield, New Hampshire

Transportation Solutions

4 GMP Begins Electrifying Field Operations Fleet with First All-Electric Bucket Truck
5 We Dare You to Look Under the Hood of NHEC Electric Rates!
5 Vehicle Power Out
6 DOE Awards $60 Million to Accelerate Advancements in Zero-Emissions Vehicles
6 Confessions of an Electric Car Driver in Vermont
7 Energy Dept. Provides Funding for Hydrogen Research

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Delta Climelime VT Energy 2021 Entrepreneurs Tackling Climate Change
9 Woodstock, VT’s Net Zero Ice Arena is Up and Running!
11 Solar Power World’s Top Installers plus G.E.T.’s List
12 Community and Market-Based Renewable Energy Legislation Prevails
12 New Hampshire Clean Energy News
13 Hanover Community Power Aggregation Moves Forward

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 The Largest Anaerobic Digester in the Northeast
14 Offshore Wind in New Hampshire Is On Track
15 Tide Power Generators to Drop Near Boston
17 Impressive Solar Progress in New York State

Business and Financial

18 Maine Law Ends Fossil Fuel Investment in Employee Fund

Sustainable Maine

19 Maine’s Promising Clean Future
19 Community Leaders in So. Portland, ME Win Big against fossil fuels!

Feature: Sustainability for Pets & the Planet

20 Saving Pets And The Planet
21 It’s a Solar Day in the Neighborhood

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Radiant Floors Provide Indoor Air Quality Benefits
23 Air-source Heat Pump Installation Guide in Homes

Sustainable Education

24 Colby-Sawyer College Reaches Milestone in its Sustainability Journey

Climate News

25 Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less
25 The Effect of Climate Change on Our National Parks
26 Human Health And The Health Of Our Environment
27 Under A White Sky – The Nature of the Future
27 Trust, Truth and Freedom

Building and Energy Efficiency

28 Bite the Frost
29 So, You Want to Build a House? – Part Two
30 Gathering Data for A Wise Future
31 The State of Heat Pumps in Vermont
32 Bio-Concrete!
32 Better Concrete Here and Now
33 Meeting Building Performance Standards

Green Life

35 Garlic in Love
35 Carbon Negative Plastic Can Be Made Of Air
36 Farmer Researches No-till Permanent Raised Bed for Small-Scale Farming
37 Elco Motors: Making Electric Boats Since 1893
38 Hanover Co-op Food Stores Moves on Carbon Neutrality