Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 2018 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Cover Crops Help Farmers Stand Up for Clean Water
1 Court Rules In Favor Of Youth Plaintiffs
1 Rising Seas: Florida is About to be Wiped Off the Map

News and Events

3 Vermont’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise
3 America Falling Far Behind
3 Free Tesla Powerwalls for GMP Low-Income Families with Health Problems

Transportation Solutions

4 National Drive Electric Week 2018
5 National Drive Electric Week in New Hampshire
5 $5,000 Off an All-Electric 2018 Nissan Leaf!
6 Charging Your EV From Home
7 Autonomous Cars vs. Mass Transit
7 Pickups Gearing Up for Huge Fuel Economy Improvements

Renewable Energy News

8 Saffron and Solar Farms
9 Geothermal Moves Forward in New York State
11 Solar ‘On Golden Pond’
11 NH Solar Shares Receive Grant
12 Simpliphi Lithium Batteries in Our Region
14 The UK’s Carbon Emissions Have Dropped to 19th Century Levels
14 Massachusetts Energy Storage Program
15 Past and Future of Ductless Heat Pumps
15 Tesla Batteries and Solar Arrays Save Money

Business and Financial

18 Levi’s – Blue Jeans For The Blue Planet
18 It’s Worth the Ride to The Wayside
18 Businesses “Incentivize” Employees Towards Sustainability
19 Going Solar for Vermont Soapworks Made Total $ense
19 Fidelity Investments Makes History

Feature – Clean Water in the Northeast

20 Vermont Needs A Clean Water Commitment
21 Microplastics Are in Our Fish

Heating and Cooling

22 Dry Wood Chip Boiler Heats 104-Unit Housing Complex
23 National Bioenergy Day

Climate Change News

24 What Kind of America Do We Want?
24 Second Deadliest Birthrate in India Affects All of Humanity

Building & Energy Efficiency

26 SEON’s Home Tour
27 Can the Built Environment Heal the Planet?
28 Multifamily Passive House Ventilation Design – HRV or ERV?
30 Boral Tru-Exterior® Siding
31 RH Irving Builders Wins 2017 Net-zero Home Award
31 Cool Ways LEDs Are Helping the Planet See the Path

Sustainable Education

32 Massachusetts Schools Awarded Funds for Clean Energy Educational Programs
33 Freeport, Maine Passive High School

Ingredient of the Month

35 Molecules Just Do Not Stay Put *
35 The Littleton Food Co-op: Energy Efficiency in Action

Sustainable Agriculture

36 Elmore Roots: Up in the Treetops, It’s Plum Good Pickin’
36 Your Brain on Nature *

Green Life

37 The Solar-Powered Circle of Life
38 Vermont Coffee Company Goes 100% Renewable
38 GMP Commercial Electric Mower Incentive
39 Back to Basics: What is Recyclable?
39 Of Toothpaste Tubes & Old Suitcases