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August 2015 Articles Online

Front Cover

1  This is How You Do It!
1  The Silent World War
1  Solar Garden Coming to Franklin, NH

Editor’s Page

2  Noteworthy Tidbits

News and Happenings

3  Review of the U. S. Clean Power Plan
3  Rising Seas


4  Tesla Model X
4  Citizen “Deputies” Considered for NYC Idling Law
5  $525 Incentives Offered For Workplace EV Chargers
5  CarShare Vermont in Montpelier Has Arrived
6  VT Rail Plan Quantifies Energy Plan Goal

Community Power

7  Wind Project in NWVT Don’t be Fooled
7  Brattleboro’s Solar Summer Campaign Going Strong
8  SCC Joins Solar Community
9  Harvard Solar Garden
9  30% Federal Tax Credit Set to Expire!

Solar Photovoltaics

10  Solarize Dummerston Update
12  Battery Maintenance
13  Bradford Solar

Renewable Energy

14  $1.1 Million for Anaerobic Digestion Facilities
15  Community Solar is Now Accessible To Millions of New Yorkers

Hydro Power etc.

18  Hydro Upgrades in Proctor, VT
18  Garbage Patches in our Oceans
19  Energy RecoveryVentilation

Sustrainability for Our Pets

20  NHSPCA Energy Upgrades
21  Waterbury Unleashed!
21  Humane Society of Chittenden County

Energy Efficiency

22  Biotech+Wastewater=Free Energy
23  Recycle That Old Coal Plant!
23  An Energy Efficiency Resource Standard for NH

Climate Change

24  Rutland Forum to Explore Next Steps for Vermont’s Climate Change Economy
24  Climate Refugees

News, Clues, & Reviews

25  Book Review – Harness the Sun
25  Book Review – State of the World: Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability

Building Efficiency

26  Indoor Air Quality
27  Touring a Foam-Free Passive House Project in Wayland, MA
28  Tallest Passive House Building in the World
29  NH REPA Benefits for Building Efficiency

Sustainable Agriculture

30  A Permaculture Harvest
30  Full Sun Company
31  Product Review – Cate’s Garden’s Pruning Shears *

Sustainable Education

32  Crossroads Academy’s New Solar System
33  Solar School Incentives in New York State

Ingredient of the Month

35  Ingredient of the Month – Precious Pets
35  Good Plastics? Really?

Sustainable Sports

36  Summer Hiking in the Northeast
36  A walk in the Woods Movie

Dining in the Green

37  The peoples’ Pint

It’s a Green Life After All

38  Painting with Milk
39  Shopping for Greener Furniture