Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 2014 Articles Online

Front Cover

page 1 Climate Change – What have we Got to Lose
1 Fall Favorites at Risk
1 Solar is the Solution – No Sun at Night? No Problem!

Editor’s Page

2 So what if the CO2 Levels are 402.5 ppm?


3 Dirty Fuels Cost More!
3 Button Up Video Contest Launched


4 Hand Motors – Achieving Energy Efficiency in Manchester, VT
4 Ride the Ring!
5 EV Charging Station Goals in VT
6 VT’s Draft Plan to Promote Zero-Emission Vehicles
6 Idling Tips

 Community News

7 Community Solar in New Hampshire
7 Bernie Says it All

Getting to Know your Solar Installers

8 Green Energy Options
8 Net Zero Renewable Resources

Solar Photovoltaics

9 120 Homes Go Solar through Solarize Upper Valley
10 Businesses Benefit from Solar Depreciation
11 Solar Farms Continue to Sprout Up in Vermont
12 Tesla, Batteries … and Why Do We Care?

Community Power

13 Ravaged Land Repurposed

Business & Financial

14 Commercial-PACE financing moves forward in New Hampshire

Net Zero Building

15 A Net-Zero Apartment Building in Brooklyn
Government Builds Zero Energy Office Facility


17 Affordable Solar & Energy Improvements Available

Heating & Cooling

18 UNH Names Innovative Composting Facility after Sustainable Agriculture Pioneer
18 Whelen Engineering Handles their Energy Requirements
19 Dee’s Electric
19 Gmp Expands Heat Pump Pilot Program

Sustainability in the Workplace

20 Best Ways Office Employees can Reduce their Carbon Footprint
20 The Green Office Challenge is Met
20 Biking to the Moon and Back!
21 The ECO-friendly Office
21 An Organization Called Ceres

Building Efficiency

22 The Low-Hanging Fruit
23 Green Builders – Lewallen Builders
24 Air Ducts – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

News, Clues, & Reviews

25 Rotting Matters! Fossil-fuel Free Energy
25 The Story of Wenzday Jane – A Review of “Power to the Pedals”
25 You Don’t Always Get what you Pay For – A Review of “Heating Efficiency Success Stories”

Energy Efficiency

26 1827 Timber Frame Meets Energy Efficiency
27 Unique Log Home Design

Sustainable Agriculture

28 Harlow Farm
29 Elmore Roots’ Permaculture Tips – Oh Nuts!
29 How to Grow Garlic
30 Can Consumers Grow Sunflowers for Biodiesel?
30 Mid Season Seed Saving

Sustainable Education

31 Dorset School – The Kids are Going Solar
31 Green Campus Rentals

Climate Change

32 Vermont’s Changing Climate

Dining on the Green

33 Colatina Exit
33 August First Bakery & Café

It’s a Green Life … After All

35 Ingredient of the Month – Sodium Alginate
35 Beyond Bad Eating
35 The Maker Movement
36 Green Tips – Sustainabilitiy in the Workplace
36 The History of additive free paints
37 Universal Recycling & Composting in Vermont

Sustainable Sports

38 Meet Luci
38 Olympians Take Stand about Climate Change
39 G.E.T. Outdoors – By-ways & Waterways
39 Tips for Safety at the Swimming Hole