Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 2017 Articles Online


Front Page

 1  Thousands Of Jobs Available!
 1  NASCAR vs. Leilani Münter: Who Will Win?
 1  This Is Not A Tragedy! – It’s the First Act of a Comedy.

Page 2 – Editor’s page

 2  Rick Perry – Lost in the Past
 2  Windmills are Beautiful

News and Views – Carbon Campaign

 3  Carbon Fee and Dividend for a Bright Green Future
 4  Tax Reform and Climate Action


 4  Everyday Bicycling
 5  Take Action on Transportation
 6  How Has Going Electric Changed Our Lifestyle?

Solar Photovoltaics

 8  Going Solar: Do Your Due Diligence – Part Three
 10  Southshire Community Solar
 11  Two NH Campaigns Launched for Solar & Energy Efficiency
 12  Solar Power is Now the Least Expensive Option *
 13  One Woman’s Amazing Story

Renewable Energy

 14  Pipelines? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Pipelines!
 15  Why We Need Wind Power in Vermont and in the Northeast

Business and Financial

 18  Our Prosperity Depends on Protecting the Planet
 19  Vermont Leads Nation in Solar Jobs per Capita – Again


 20  Sustainability in the Upper Valley

Building & Energy Efficiency

 22  The River House

Climate News

 24  Bernie Sanders’ “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In”
 25  Tackling Transport this Spring
 25  Climate Change Perceptions

Building & Energy Efficiency

 26  HalfMoon Construction Wins International Award
 27  Retrofits vs. Reductions
 28  Can a Passive House be Beautiful, Functional, and Organic?

Legislative Updates

 30  New Hampshire Legislative Updates

Sustainable Education

 31  Colby-Sawyer College Students Partner with PermaCityLife

Heating and Cooling

 32  Natural Gas Utilities and Geothermal Heat

Ingredient of the Month

 35  What Does It Mean to be Green?
 35  Growing the Food We Eat Without Poisons

Green Life – Permaculture

 36  Landscapes the Permaculture Way
 36  The Foodscape Revolution – Finding A Better Way to Make Space for Food and Beauty in Your Garden
 37  Hundreds of Native Bee Species Sliding Toward Extinction
 38  The High-Performance Electric Lawn Mower
 39  Eco-Conscious Residential Lawn Mowing

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