Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 2016 Articles Online

Front Page

1  Disturbing News of 1.5 Degrees
1  A Net-Zero Solar Challenge at Walden Pond
1  We Will Win the Climate War!

News and Views

3  Welcome This Early Spring
3  VT Net Metering Revisions – How to preserve your ability to “go solar”


4  Transportation Efficiency and Electric Car Updates
5  VBike Helping to Make Bike Transportation in Vermont Viable

Energy News

6  An Energy-Efficient Makeover – Downtown Bennington, VT
7  Vermont Lawmakers Tackle Siting, Weatherization, Carbon Pricing, Divestment
7  Increased Net Metering Cap is a Go, and other highlights from Concord…

Solar Photovoltaics

8  Solar Mounting Matters
9  Solar Installers: Grassroots Solar, Inc.
10  Solaring the Monadnock Food Co-op
11  Solarize Wolfeboro

Renewable Energy

14  2016: The Year that Welcomed Offshore Wind to the United States

Heating Efficiency

18  Keep Your Cool This Summer with Heat Pumps and Solar

Events and Happenings

20  Gardening Freedom. Take Your Summer Back!
21  International Compost Awareness Week
21  Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country

Business and Financial

22  What’s the MPG on Your House?
22  Homeowners’ Associations Can Rule Out Solar
23  Top 10 Reasons Why Solar PV Has Reached Escape Velocity

News, Clues, Reviews

24  The Best 3 States for Solar in USA

Addressing Climate Change

25  The True Scope of Earth’s Fresh Water Crisis
25  Antioch Climate Change Preparedness Conference Update

Building Efficiency

26  Deep Energy Retrofit: What in the World am I Doing?
27  High Performance Windows
28  Cities Across America Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions
29  Green Building Targets the Indoor Environment

Energy Efficiency

30  NHEC Launches A New Demand Response Program *
30  New Hampshire Net Metering Cap Increase Imminent
31  Zero Energy Now (ZEN) Comes to Vermont *

Sustainable Education

32  Vermont Technical College Going Solar

Sustainable Agriculture

33  Backyard Elderberries

Ingredient of the Month

35  PFOA discovered in VT, NH, NY
35  PFOA Alerts in New England Are On the Rise *

It’s a Green Life After All

36  Vermont Smoke & Cure
37  NH Camp and Appalachian Mountain Club Lodge Go Solar
38  That ‘thingCHARGER’ Thing
39  An Eco-Friendly Scooter That Grows With The Child: Micro Kickboard






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