Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

George Harvey Speaks out on Brattleboro Community Public Television

You can hear more of what Green Energy Time’s own, George Harvey has to say about his vast knowledge and research of the most current worldwide energy news. His blog is on this website daily – but there is much more to share. Watch him weekly on BCTV. […]

UltraTech Lighting – Magnetic Induction Solutions

Snow-Bright in action. (Ultra-Tech Lighting)

George Harvey

We read by lights and we work by lights, but we also have special lights for other purposes. There are special lights for refrigerators and ovens. We have lights to control bugs on our lawns, so we can sit under them on summer evenings. […]

Energy Secretary Granholm Focus on Cold Climate Heat Pumps in NH

Janet Granholm. (Alyson Fligg, Labor Department)

George Harvey

Janet Granholm, the U.S. Secretary of Energy, recently made her way to New Hampshire to talk with people about new cold-climate heat pumps. Her goal was to promote a switch away from fossil fuels and to heat pumps.

Some people might not […]

Offshore Wind Power Moves Forward in NYS

Offshore wind. (AdobeStock/366215509)

George Harvey

The United States is finally starting to develop its offshore wind power. At the beginning of 2023, the country had seven offshore wind turbines, a tiny fraction of the numbers already built by other countries. Nevertheless, the momentum for the industry is growing, and that is especially true […]

Saffron and Solar Farms: A Successful Agriculture Solution

Harvest with standard agricultural equipment operating between rows of solar panels. (Courtesy photo)

George Harvey

Farmers must work hard. People accept that to the point that it seems almost legendary. Farmers have to live with the realities of drought, floods, infestations of pests, late frosts in the spring, and early frosts […]

Municipal Solar in a Rural Small Town, Windham, Vermont

Old Meeting House, nowpowered by solar. (Doug Kerr, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

George Harvey

When someone familiar with rural Vermont thinks of a small community, the image that comes to mind might be very like the town of Windham. It is not the smallest town, as several Vermont towns are smaller, […]

Meet Your Solar Installer: ReVision Energy

Maineri home, complete with ground-mounted solar. (Images courtesy of ReVision Energy)

George Harvey

It seems that hardly an issue of Green Energy Times goes to press without some mention of ReVision Energy. That is only partly because ReVision is one of the largest solar installers in New England. The company is […]

Happy ‘Everyday’ Earthday 2024

The Gulf Stream by RedAndr, CC-BY-SA 4.0 (

George Harvey

Each year, when Green Energy Times publishes an article about Earth Day, it seems to come out too late to be in readers’ hands when Earth Day happens. G.E.T. comes out every other month, and we usually have the choice of carrying the […]

Bite the Frost Efficient Building Design Updates

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Bite the Frost Efficient Building Design Updates.



George Harvey

Bite the Frost (BTF) is a small architectural and mechanical HVAC design firm that specializes in space, […]

New Type of Underground Energy Storage

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Storing Energy in the Earth with 90% Efficiency.


George Harvey

Energy storage is getting to be a fascinating subject, partly because there are so many ways to […]