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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

George Harvey Speaks out on Brattleboro Community Public Television

You can hear more of what Green Energy Time’s own, George Harvey has to say about his vast knowledge and research of the most current worldwide energy news. His blog is on this website daily – but there is much more to share. Watch him weekly on BCTV. […]

BioHeat To Replace Home Heating Oil

Main-Care delivery truck. (Courtesy image)

George Harvey

Most people in this country drive cars, and most of those cars have internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuels. Many people who care about climate change and the environment still burn gasoline for transportation. The reason is clear. We cannot all go electric […]

EnergyHub Acquires Packetized Energy and Will Continue to Grow in Vermont

Packetized Energy employees discuss results from recent software testing at the company’s lab in Burlington. The company’s Mello device (foreground) transformed water heaters into smart devices that could balance the variability of renewable energy on the grid and enabled them to demonstrate the packetized algorithms with hundreds of devices. (University of Vermont photo: […]

Derry, New Hampshire Contracts for 2.2 MW Solar On Closed and Capped Solid Waste Landfill

Derry, NH will build a 2.2 megawatt (MW) solar array on a solid waste landfill that the town had closed and capped in 1998. (Photo: Derry Net Zero Task Force)

George Harvey

The Town Council of Derry, New Hampshire, has signed contracts for a 2.2 megawatt (MW) solar array to be […]

New Technology for Energy Storage

Highview Power cryogenic power plant for Vermont. (Courtesy image)

George Harvey

Our least expensive and least polluting forms of electricity generation happen to be intermittent or variable. We can bring them up to being highly reliable, highly responsive forms of energy by the simple addition of energy storage. But a question […]

Chroma Technology Reduces Expenses and Carbon Footprint

Green Lantern Solar installed the 500-kilowatt ground-mount solar array for Chroma Technology. It is projected to produce enough energy to offset one-third of Chroma’s annual energy expenses. (Image: Green Lantern Solar)

George Harvey

Chroma Technology was founded in 1991 as an employee-owned company to manufacture optical filters for a variety of […]

Parking Lot Solar

A Perfect Solution for Schools and More

George Harvey

Solar panels over a parking lot at the Intel site in Ocotillo, Arizona (Intel Free Press, Flickr,

One great idea for solar systems is to put them up over parking areas. This has lots of advantages, including not just generating electricity, but […]

Profile School Is Now 100% Solar-Powered

An aerial view of the 344kW solar array at The Profile School in Bethlehem, NH which provides 100% of the school’s electrical needs. (Photo: Jack Bingham of Barrington Power).

George Harvey

We got word in December that the solar array for the Profile Jr.-Sr. High School in Bethlehem, NH had been […]

Renewable Energy Can Drive Healthcare Costs Down

Medical tools include stethoscope and laptop. Photo by National Cancer Institute, Unsplash.

George Harvey

Concerns about the health issues relating to the use of fossil fuels have been around for years. Nevertheless, many people do not know how bad things can get – or are.

In October 2016, the […]

GMP is Building Microgrids

Solar array in Manchester, Vermont. (MarkBuckawicki, placed into the public domain,

George Harvey

Electric utilities face a special problem in a world is constantly changing. To function best, they don’t just have to respond properly to changes that happen, they have to anticipate and be properly prepared for them. As […]