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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

George Harvey Speaks out on Brattleboro Community Public Television

You can hear more of what Green Energy Time’s own, George Harvey has to say about his vast knowledge and research of the most current worldwide energy news. His blog is on this website daily – but there is much more to share. Watch him weekly on BCTV. […]

Let’s Get Serious About Electric Lawnmowers

Mean Green Mower at Dartmouth College. Photo: Steve Wisbaum, Eco Equipment Supply

George Harvey

If you mow your lawn, or even if you hire someone, you probably don’t think of a gas-powered mower as your best friend. But let’s face it, it’s a task that most of us spend a […]

The Plastics Production Surge

Refinery in Anancortes, Washington. Mt Baker is in the background. Photo: Walter Siegmund, Wikimedia Commons

George Harvey

Looking through the news on energy recently, I came across an article at CNN with the title, “Exxon’s Market Value Has Crumbled By $184 Billion.” ( It said ExxonMobil stock was down […]

LEDdynamics’ New Home: Above and Beyond Efficiency

LEDdynamics’ new super efficient facility on Beanville Road in Randolph, Vermont. All photos are courtesy of LEDdynamics.

George Harvey

Green Energy Times has run a number of articles on light emitting diodes (LEDs). Their cost keeps declining, and their efficiency keeps improving. Unquestionably, in our minds, they are the best […]

Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Every day is Earth Day at Green Energy Times

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” From a Pogo cartoon that appeared on the first Earth Day.

George Harvey

The first Earth Day happened on April 22, 1970. It was originally viewed as […]

Vermont Electric Co-op’s Community Solar Program

George Harvey

Many people who would like to get their electricity from solar systems are restricted due to our living arrangements. Those of us who rent our homes are unlikely to be able to install solar systems, of course, and many who own their homes have unsuitable roofs and yards that are […]

St Johnsbury Solar Story

St Johnsbury 500-kW solar system will pay $125,000 in taxes. Courtesy photo.

One Good Solar Array Leads to Another

George Harvey

In St. Johnsbury, Vermont, on a piece of land that was pretty much out of sight behind the Green Mountain Mall (GMM), there used to be a sand pit. […]

Time to Go Fishin’

Fishing in a stream in Vermont. Tim McCabe, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

George Harvey

We have over ninety species of fish in the Northeast, and many of them are abundant, fun to catch, and tasty. With climate change and pollution, we have some cautionary notes, but the opportunities abound for sport fishing all […]

Reforestation Versus Biomass

Hapgood Pond Recreation Area of the Green Mountain National Forest. USDA photo.

George Harvey

Through reforestation, we can draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂). We can also use wood from the forests to heat our homes. The question is, can we do both of these things at the same time?

One […]

Revisiting Sustainable-Sugaring Operations

George Harvey

Five years have gone by since the Green Energy Times’ article “Sustainable Sugaring” appeared ( We felt it was time to reconnect with some of the people we interviewed and see how they are doing, especially regarding their sustainability efforts.

Silloway Maple’s 17.5-kW rooftop solar on their sugar […]