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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

George Harvey Speaks out on Brattleboro Community Public Television

You can hear more of what Green Energy Time’s own, George Harvey has to say about his vast knowledge and research of the most current worldwide energy news. His blog is on this website daily – but there is much more to share. Watch him weekly on BCTV. […]

May 25 Green Energy News

daily energy news researched and written by George Harvey, general factotum for Green Energy Times […]

Yellow Heat Keeps Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Yellow Heat’s oil burner does not use fossil fuels to heat your home or business. Image courtesy of Thomas Leue.

George Harvey

Tom Leue, a businessman living in Ashfield, Massachusetts, has invented what he calls “yellow heat.” It can allow conversion of oil-burning boilers to run on recycled vegetable oil, […]

Resilience in Lebanon, NH

It Takes a Community of Exemplary People and Projects.

Double rainbow at sunset on the ramp at Lebanon Airport (LEB). Photo submitted by Charles Freeman. All images downloaded from the LebNH Photo Gallery:

George Harvey

Shaun Mulholland, the City Manager of Lebanon, New Hampshire, has a lot to […]

Winner of 76West Grand Prize

Unveils Innovative New Solar Solution Skyven Intelligent Mirror Array™ installed at Copses Farm in Valley Falls, New York

Ken Desbois from the Radiant Store in Troy, NY installed this renewable industrial steam solar system at Copses Farm in Valley Falls, NY. Photo courtesy of Terrence Moag.

George Harvey

The New York State […]

The Impacts of Natural Gas on Our Planet

National Grid natural gas storage tank. Fletcher6, Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

Methane can be found all over the world. It is the primary ingredient in natural gas, the fossil fuel drawn from the Earth, and in renewable natural gas, which is produced at landfills and biodigesters. It has many uses […]

Pond Geothermal Heating

In the North, a pond has to be deep enough for the heat exchanger to be at least two feet below the ice all winter. This is usually six to eight feet. Photos courtesy of AWEB Supply.

George Harvey

Many people seem to be confused by heat pumps. The fact […]

Norwich Union Village Solar

A First of It’s Kind Mixed-use Community Residential and Commercial Project

Owners on tour of their photovoltaic system and guests. Photos courtesy of Norwich Solar Technologies.

George Harvey

The Norwich Union Village Solar Project (NUVSP) in Vermont went online in August. It is a mixed-use community residential and commercial project, […]

Electric Buses for the Upper Valley and Burlington

BYD e-bus in Copenhagen. Leif Jørgensen, Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

Many readers might recall an article that appeared in the June, 2017 issue of Green Energy Times, “Electric Bus Trials in Vermont and New Hampshire” ( That article reported tests at Advance Transit, which operates in the Upper Valley of Vermont and […]

Vermont Take Heed – Natural Gas is A Bad Deal!

By George Harvey

As the Canadian multinational giant Enbridge seeks to push natural gas, including trying to push it to Green Mountain Power in Vermont, it is time for everyone involved to take a hard look at the numbers. I am including not just citizens and legislators when I say that. I mean EVERYBODY. That […]