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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

George Harvey Speaks out on Brattleboro Community Public Television

You can hear more of what Green Energy Time’s own, George Harvey has to say about his vast knowledge and research of the most current worldwide energy news. His blog is on this website daily – but there is much more to share. Watch him weekly on BCTV. […]

Burning Wood to Save the Forest

Once it is rotting, wood will not make good firewood. Decomposition driven by mushrooms might produce as much CO2 as a fire would. Photo: Nipunm, CC-BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons,

George Harvey

Generally speaking, I favor letting nature govern itself. There are times, however, when this simple approach […]

W. S. Badger Company: Practicing Sustainability

The 486.7kW rooftop solar array at W.S. Badger is expected to generate approximately 600,000 kWh of clean electricity per year which will cover 100% of Badger’s electrical needs. Photos courtesy W.S. Badger.

George Harvey

The September issue of Green Energy Times had an article about a solar array […]

Big, Bigger, Hugest

Enlarging New Hampshire’s solar systems – in the field and on the roof

George Harvey

New Hampshire has a reputation of being slow when it comes to the uptake of solar power. The goals have been set, it seems, but some of the state’s utilities appear not to be particularly […]

Non-Profit Businesses Benefit from Solar Generation

George Harvey

A tax incentive reduces a tax bill. Obviously, the tax bill has to be big enough to make it attractive to reduce it. And obviously, that means that tax incentives are directly useful only to people or organizations that have sufficiently large taxable incomes. That might sound backwards. After all, it […]

Off-Grid Solar Installations Increasing During the Pandemic

Commercial grid-tie array at Rek-Lis Brewing in Bethlehem NH. Photos Darren O’Meara.

George Harvey

The Covid-19 pandemic has had different effects on different industries. Some industries have been hit hard, and others found the time exceptionally profitable. We wanted to get a good idea of what is happening for the solar industry, […]

Electric School Buses Are a Big Solution

Electric bus by Nuvve and Blue Bird. Nuvve image.

George Harvey

Nuvve Corporation is a green energy technology company based in San Diego that bills itself as a leader in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Blue Bird is America’s largest producer of school buses. Now, the two have entered into a partnership to bring America up-to-date, […]

High Speed Supercharging Is in Vermont Now

A super-fast charger was installed by SunCommon at Mad River Taste Place in Waitsfield, VT. It has a capacity of 62.5 kilowatts, which can charge many EVs in half an hour. The power for the EV charging station is provided from a community solar array. Image: Mad River Taste Place.

Waitsfield, Vermont, hosts new […]

Is This the End of the World as We Know It?

Or is it something else altogether?

Image: Flickr/Strawberry Singh

George Harvey

A recent report in the journal Scientific Reports has been quite a topic of discussion lately ( Basically, it says that even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gasses today, it would be too late to stop climate change, because we have passed the […]

Climate Change Is Pushing Record-Setting Disasters

Hurricane Delta. NASA image.

George Harvey

It is amazing what an increase of 1°C (1.8°F) can do. As the world has warmed by just that amount, disasters have grown fast. And the disasters are clearly more numerous and worse because of a little bit more heat. According to […]