Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Music for Sustainability – Welcome to the Reusiverse

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Music for Sustainability – Welcome to the Reusiverse.


Jessie Haas

Music: Uplifting. Concert venues after the crowd goes home? Not so much. Concert goers in the U.S. […]

Is There Plastic In My Produce?

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Jessie Haas

Many of us go to great trouble to purchase local produce, or to grow our own, this writer included. So really? One more thing to worry about?

Sadly, yes, and this is a big one. […]

Dutchess County Compost Plans Meet Climate Solutions

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Jessie Haas

Sometimes it just does not compute. Food waste is bad, we know, but we tend to think that is because it represents food not going to hungry people who need it. But our food—or rather, our […]

The Changing Climate Impacts To Retirement Planning

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Jessie Haas

It used to be a given; the best states to retire to, for winter-weary Northerners, were Florida and Arizona, both of which have seen huge population surges since the widespread adoption of air-conditioning. The summer of […]

Go Fast, Go Silent, Go Clean on an Electric Snow Machine

Taiga’s Nomad electric snowmobile offers the benefits of being a clean, quiet, low maintenance machine. (Taiga Motors)

Michael J. Daley

Imagine you acquired a passion for snowmobiling before your climate consciousness awakened. Imagine the twinge of conscience before each ride as you pour ten gallons of liquid fossil fuel into the […]

Hazards from Using Natural Gas in your Home

Cookstoves, Heat, Hot Water and Pipelines

It is estimated that up to 1.3% of the gas used in stoves leaks into the atmosphere. This seems trivial, but since there are more than 40 million gas stoves in the U.S., the emissions have about the same climate change effect as the carbon dioxide from […]

Waterkeepers in Our Midst

Today the water in the Connecticut River is clear and much cleaner than it was 30 years ago. (Courtesy photo)

Jessie Haas

Many of us are old enough to remember when canoeing on the Connecticut River (or many other waterways in the Northeast) posed a health hazard. Swimming was […]

Hershey Signs Up for More Solar

Hershey’s first utility-scale solar farm located in Camden, NC. The solar project is a 20 MW facility on 218 acres of land which reduces CO2 emissions by 32,025t/yr. (BayWa r.e)

Jessie Haas

Chocolate is good for us, body and soul, a source of copper, antioxidants, and joy. But good […]

Green Giving

Jessie Haas

You love the people in your life. You love your planet. You want your holiday giving to benefit both. Possible? Very much so.

The right book is a gift that can last decades and change lives. In no particular order, I recommend Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Warning: this book […]

Beating Blue-Green Algae

A blue-green algae at Clear Lake, California, resulted in oxygen depletion in the water and the subsequent mortality of multiple aquatic species, including carp, catfish, bluegill and crappie. (Kirsten Macintyre/Flickr)

Jessie Haas

Nothing ruins a summer day like getting to the beach and discovering it’s closed due to a blue-green algae […]