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Green Energy Times’ April Edition is Here!

Green Energy Times’ April edition is now being distributed.

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April 26 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Opinion: “Is Trump warming to wind power?” • Trump’s position on wind may be shifting. During the election, the narrative on wind wasn’t looking good. Trump promised a national energy policy that prioritized domestic fossil fuels over renewables. But the narrative seem to be shifting, and the biggest game-changer for Trump seems to be jobs. [WorkBoat]
Brave Tern at work (Photo: Deepwater Wind)

Brave Tern at work (Photo: Deepwater Wind)

  • Opinion: “100 days of Trump: Round 1 to renewables” • Despite battle cries to end the ‘war on coal’, Trump’s first 100 days as president have done very little to dismantle progress in renewable energy and climate action materially, according to energy and national security expert Kevin Book. He and other experts spoke at a webinar. [PV-Tech]
  • US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said the US should renegotiate the Paris accord on climate change instead of abandoning it, while criticizing Germany for allowing its fossil-fuel emissions to rise. The remarks put Perry among a group of advisers urging President Donald Trump to stick with the United Nations accord that he vowed to scrap. [BOE Report]
  • The City of Hartford, Constellation, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, and Bloom Energy announced the completion of a fuel cell microgrid that will generate clean energy, manage electricity costs, and supply emergency power for public buildings and businesses in the city’s Parkville neighborhood. [Asia Cruise News]
  • President Donald Trump will order the Interior Department to review locations for offshore oil and gas exploration and consider selling drilling rights in territory that former President Barack Obama put off limits, according to people briefed on the order, who spoke on the condition of anonymity before it is issued. [Bloomberg]

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April 25 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Tory windfarm policy endangers cheap energy in UK, commission finds” • A Shell-sponsored group says wind is “increasingly the cheapest form of electricity.” Conservative opposition to windfarms risks the UK missing out on one of the cheapest sources of electricity, according to the head of the Shell-funded industry group. [The Guardian]
By 2040, wind and solar would account for 45% of the global power mix. (Photo: Alamy Stock Photo)

By 2040, wind and solar would account for 45% of the global power mix. (Photo: Alamy Stock Photo)

  • Mexico will soon have a starring solar project, the largest in the entire Americas, showing off a new leading role in renewables, driven by a major energy market reform. Italian power giant Enel is set to develop the record 754-MW project, adding to the largest solar plants completed or under construction in both Chile and Brazil. [PV-Tech]
  • UK renewable energy companies secured billions of pounds of exports for their goods and services last year. Research by RenewableUK found UK firms are now taking a leading role in the growing global market for wind and marine power now valued at £290 billion. More than 500 contracts were signed by 36 firms on projects in 43 countries. [The Planner]
  • The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis published its new research brief last week, working through the implications inherent in the expected coal-fired generating closures over 2017 and 2018. It concludes that the expected closures will eliminate about 28.2 million tons of annual coal demand by the end of 2018. [CleanTechnica]
  • If anyone doubts renewable energy is the future, they need only to look at job numbers. According to a recent report from the Environmental Defense Fund, employers in the renewables sector are hiring people 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. Within the sector, small businesses dominate, with 70% of jobs. [Sustainable Brands]

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Opportunities for Community Solar in the Upper Valley of NH

Thinking about installing solar panels?  Now is the perfect time to step up!  Sustainable Hanover is hosting a panel presentation on Thursday April 27th featuring a range of local speakers experienced in the world of solar power. Hosted at the Richmond Middle School, the evening will begin at 5:30 pm with displays by various solar installers.  The panel presentation will include an update on the current State legislation regarding group net-metering and shared experience from local advocates that have helped create large photovoltaic arrays on private property and on a co-operative business.  Residents will learn how they can participate or invest in a community solar project.  A local attorney will discuss various legal frameworks, and representatives from the regional USDA offices will describe funding opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The forum, which is co-sponsored by the Cornish, Enfield, Lebanon and Plainfield Energy Committees, as well as Vital Communities, the UV Sierra Club, the NH Sustainable Energy Association and Ready for 100, will run from 6-7:30 on April 27 

The program follows in the footsteps of “Solarize Hanover” which resulted in solar installations at over 50 residences, and the second “Green Power Challenge” offered by Sustainable Hanover which allows homeowners to purchase their electricity from renewable energy providers.  Marjorie Rogalski, co-chair of Sustainable Hanover, said, “During Solarize Hanover, several residents who were disappointed that they were unable to install solar panels at their own home, expressed interest in community solar.  As the effects of climate change become more apparent, more and more people are interested in how they can support renewable, local energy.”

In its third year as an EPA designated “Green Power Community”, Hanover’s Select Board recently endorsed the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 initiative which calls for 100% renewable energy by 2030.    The April 27 panel discussion will further dialogue on how that goal can be achieved.

People’s Climate March – April 29, 2017

 Saturday, April 29, marks the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, and climate activists will challenge reversals to climate protections on federal and state levels.  The People’s Climate March is a global movement to give opportunities for people to demonstrate their concerns for the future of our planet.  Below is more information on events taking place this day:

Washington DCDetails and information about the global movement and local marches can be found at

New Hampshire: Concord State House from 9am-12 noon: Organized by the Sierra Club.  

Demonstrating the importance of climate protections, the rally will highlight health impacts, local and national climate trends, Native American stories, and, student leader voices, as well as policy experts. Activities include hand drumming, creating kid-friendly posters, contacting decision makers, creating local teams, and waving signs. Vendors from non-profits will have free information and other items. Family friendly. Dogs on leashes, please. Open and free to the public. Please register here:

Sponsors for the People’s Climate Rally in Concord include NH Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists; Conservation Law Foundation; League of Conservation Voters; Mom’s Clean Air Force; NH Rights and Democracy; NH Peace Action; Friends of Mount Sunapee; ECO Action; NH Plastic Pollution Alliance; NH Environmental Stewardship Group of the United Church of Christ ; Indivisible NH – Citizens in Action for Democracy; Sutton Conservation Commission, Kearsarge Changing Climate Change, 350NH and more are expected.

WHO:   Speakers Confirmed:

Andru Volinski, NH Executive Councilor, Dist 2 Sterling Chase, Native American Advocate State Representative Robert Backus, Manchester and member of the Science, Technology and Energy Committee

Jorgie Ingram, Kearsarge Changing Climate Change

Sam Shain, Kearsarge Changing Climate Change Jerry Curran, NH Sierra Club

Jonathan Hopkins, Board Member of the NH Council of Churches and Reverend at Concordia Lutheran Church in Concord, NH

Laura Lynch, NH Pipeline Awareness Network Rebecca Whitley, Moms Clean Air Force

Ian Raymond, Sanbornton Energy Advocate

Michele Tremblay, Rivers and Watershed Advocate Others to be Announced

More information can be found at

The Citizens Climate Lobby of NH will have a table here.  Please come and stop by to learn how you can help create the political will to address climate change from fossil fuels!  Learn more at

Vermont:  Vermont State House 115 State St, Montpelier, VT at 1pm.  More information can be found at

Other regions:  Marches in your area:  You can learn about where to find local marches at

April 24 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • For the first time, scientists have created a global map measuring the cooling effect forests have by regulating the exchange of water and energy between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere. According to a new paper, in many locations, this cooling effect works in concert with forests’ absorption of carbon dioxide. [Science Daily]
Working atop a 120-foot tower (Credit: Rob Alexander)

Working atop a 120-foot tower (Credit: Rob Alexander)

  • From Norway to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, big oil producers are becoming big backers of renewable-energy. Now, Nigeria has signed two agreements with solar developers to guarantee payment risks for 50-MW and 70-MW solar farms. The oil and gas sector makes up 35% of Nigeria’s GDP and 90% of its exports. [ImpactAlpha]
  • Affluent countries like Germany and Japan are typically the ones associated with renewables. But the nation with the highest portion of solar generation in its electricity mix last year was not affluent. It was Honduras, a nation of 8 million people with a gross domestic product of only $5,000 per capita and serious social problems. [pv magazine USA]
  • Many US cities are setting green energy goals. Some, like Chicago, shoot for 100% renewable energy by the year 2025. Further south, Houston says, “We have NO problem,” with nearly 90% of its municipal electricity already being generated by renewable sources. Part of that comes from the recently built SolaireHolman plant. []
  • New Appalachian Power Co President Chris Beam says the utility doesn’t plan to build coal plants anytime soon and that potential business customers want electricity from renewable energy sources. Beam is a Wheeling native who understands the role of coal in West Virginia’s economy and culture, but he says times are changing. [Wheeling Intelligencer]

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April 23 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • And another vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft takes to the sky, this time it was the first successful test flight of the Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi. The Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi will have a range of 187 miles and a top speed of 187 MPH. It would be an on-demand, all-electric airway taxi system that is quiet and free of traffic. [CleanTechnica]
Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi (Courtesy: Lilium)

Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi, seen from behind (Courtesy: Lilium)

  • “This Earth Day, 100 percent clean energy is 100 percent possible” • More than 25 US cities, 12 countries, and at least 89 companies have all committed to transition to 100% renewable energy. It is time to recognize that with the right mix of clean energy technologies and solutions, 100% renewable is 100% possible. [Environmental Defense Fund]
  • Coral reefs aren’t just threatened by pollution, acidification, and rising temperatures. In some places, erosion of the seafloor is undermining them, US Geological Survey scientists said in a new study that looked at reefs in Florida, the Caribbean and Hawaii. In some sites, the reefs can’t keep pace with sea level rise. [Summit County Citizens Voice]
  • The Florida House and Senate are set to take up proposals to carry out a voter-approved expansion of a renewable-energy tax break, as bill language seems to be more agreeable to solar proponents. They are working on the proposals to carry out a renewable-energy constitutional amendment, which voters approved. [Orlando Weekly]
  • Volkswagen AG has been sentenced to 3 years probation by a US federal judge in relation to the $4.3 billion diesel emissions cheating scandal. That includes independent oversight of the company. The company released a statement acknowledging fault and saying, “Volkswagen today is not the same company it was 19 months ago” [CleanTechnica]

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April 22 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Defend Science on Earth Day and Beyond” • On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day – a nation-wide demonstration to advocate for a healthier planet. This marked the start of the modern environmental movement. Indeed, the first Earth Day led to the passage of a slew of environmental laws. [Huffington Post]
Earth Day 2010, Washington Mall

Earth Day 2010, Washington Mall

  • Britain went a full day without using coal to generate electricity for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, the National Grid says. Friday is thought to be the first time the nation has not used coal to generate electricity since the world’s first centralized public coal-fired generator opened in 1882, at Holborn Viaduct in London. [BBC]
  • Oil giant Exxon Mobil will not be allowed to resume drilling in Russia after US President Donald Trump vowed to uphold sanctions. It had been reported that Exxon, the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, had sought a dispensation. The US and European Union imposed economic sanctions on Russia in 2014. [BBC News]
  • The Korea Electric Power Corp will enter the rapidly growing virtual power plant market in the US as part of efforts to find new growth engines. The state-run utility said it signed an agreement with KOKAM, a local lithium polymer battery maker for energy storage systems, and Sunverge, a renewable energy management firm. [koreatimes]
  • Members of the planning commission in Vernon, Vermont, have drawn up a plan, “Re-energizing Vernon.” In it, they explore the possibility of a multi-fuel, clean-energy, affordable micro-grid on the site of the closed Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Important components would include the 32-MW Vernon dam and batteries. [Rutland Herald]

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April 21 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is projected to cost £1.3 billion and generate enough electricity for 155,000 homes, over a lifespan of 120 years. A report from Seafish takes a different look at it. Prospects for cultivating mussels, oysters, scallops, clams, cockles and seaweed in the proposed project are promising, it says. []

04-21 Artists impression of the swansea bay

  • A Concentrated Solar Power system in Denmark has reached full capacity. The plant provides the city of Brønderslev with sustainable heating through the city’s district heating network, but it will soon also be contributing to power production. The 16.6-MWth solar energy plant is based on parabolic trough technology. [Renewable Energy Magazine]
  • In March, NOAA saw something it has never seen before, a record high global temperature that exceed the 1981-2010 average by a full one degree Centigrade (1.8º F) “in the absence of an El Niño episode in the tropical Pacific Ocean.” NOAA says the reading is a sign the underlying global warming trend is stronger than ever. [CleanTechnica]
  • When it comes to clean energy, Vermont is second only to California, according to a nationwide assessment of states by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Vermont came in at the top in two of the 12 categories used in its study, including the per capita creation of jobs in the clean energy economy, and the state’s carbon reduction target. [Rutland Herald]
  • Eos Energy Storage, producer of the cost Znyth battery, announced new forward pricing for the company’s Eos Aurora DC Battery System at a record-breaking low cost. The company is taking orders for volume purchases at a price of $160/kWh for shipment in 2017 and $95 per usable kWh for shipment in 2022. [Windpower Engineering]

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April 20 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • South Lake Tahoe, California became the 26th municipality in the US and the latest in a growing coalition of communities to commit to 100% renewable electricity. The city council approved a measure that sets a goal to switch entirely to renewable sources of electricity by 2032. Winter tourism is the region’s leading industry. [Windpower Engineering]
Lake Tahoe in summer

Lake Tahoe in summer

  • Sound Transit has signed a 10-year agreement with Puget Sound Energy that will enable Seattle’s Link light rail network to operate on 100% renewable energy from 2019. Sound Transit will purchase electricity generated by wind turbines through PSE’s Green Direct Program, reducing its exposure to fluctuations in utility prices. [International Railway Journal]
  • “Fusion reactors: Not what they’re cracked up to be” • After having worked on nuclear fusion experiments for 25 years at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, I began to look at fusion more dispassionately. I concluded that a fusion reactor would be far from perfect, and in some ways close to the opposite. [Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]
  • San Francisco reached an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gases locally two years ahead of schedule, according to city officials. Recently compiled figures show the city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions had fallen to 28% below 1990 levels by 2015. The city’s goal, set in 2008, was to hit 25% below 1990 levels by 2017. [SFBay]
  • Thanks to another strong year for wind energy growth, US wind power added jobs over nine times faster than the overall economy in 2016, the American Wind Energy Association said. Installing more than 8 GW of new wind power for a second straight year, the industry supports a record-high 102,500 jobs in the country. [North American Windpower]

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