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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

February 6 Green Energy News

  • “CO₂ Emissions Fell By 12%, As Wind And Solar Took The Lead In Europe” • The report “The European Power Sector in 2019” was recently published by climate think-tanks Sandbag and Agora Energiewende. It says that wind and solar provided 18% (569 TWh) of EU electricity in 2019, while coal fell to just 15% (469 TWh). [Saurenergy]

Power generation in Europe by wind, solar, and coal

  • “Arctic Sinkholes Open In A Flash After Permafrost Melt” • Arctic permafrost can thaw so quickly that it triggers landslides, drowns forests, and opens gaping sinkholes. This rapid melt can dramatically reshape the Arctic landscape in just a few months, a study shows. Previous climate models overlooked a particularly vulnerable type of soil. []
  • “Exxon’s Market Value Has Crumbled By $184 Billion” • ExxonMobil, the world’s most valuable public company in 2014, looks like it is in steady decline. A stunning $184 billion, 41% of its value, has been wiped off Exxon’s market valuation since its 2014 peak. It just posted dreadful results that suggest a turnaround is unlikely any time soon. [CNN]
  • “Trump Withholding $823 Million For Clean Energy, Democrats Say” • The Trump administration is withholding funding for a clean energy program it unsuccessfully tried to cut, according to Democrats on the House Science Committee. This raises the specter of political interference. The unspent funds now amount to $823 million. [Yahoo News]
  • “Scientists Warn Multiple Overlapping Crises Could Trigger ‘Global Systemic Collapse'” • Overlapping environmental crises could tip the planet into “global systemic collapse,” more than 200 top scientists warned in a 50-page report. Climate change and issues related to it each poses a monumental challenge to humanity in the 21st century. [ScienceAlert]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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