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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 6 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “What should be India’s priority: Energy security or ‘America first’?” • Speculation is rife that oil imports from Iran could slow down from August when some US sanctions against Tehran take effect. However, for now, there is reason to cheer for those who want to see India stand its ground and refuse to buckle under the US pressure. [Modern Diplomacy]

Oil pump jacks

  • “World now has 1 TW of wind and solar capacity, 2 TW expected in 2023” • The global wind and solar power capacity has reached 1 TW at the end of June and is expected to double in five years, Bloomberg New Energy Finance said. The 1,013 GW of currently installed capacity is almost equally divided between wind and solar. [Renewables Now]
  • “Clean power surges recast energy mix” • State Grid, China’s main power supplier that runs the majority of the nation’s electricity distribution networks, saw its new-energy power generation reach 187.1 billion kWh during the first five months of this year, a year-on-year increase of 41%. This comes as China is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. []
  • “Facebook data center in Oregon to be supported by renewable energy” • A Facebook data center in Oregon is to be supported by 100% solar power under a new partnership with Pacific Power. The collaboration will see 437 MW of new solar power developments, including two projects in the Prineville area, Pacific Power said in a statement. [Parker City News]
  • “Facebook likes clean energy as corporate purchasing sets record” • Still trying to recover from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is the world’s biggest corporate buyer of renewable energy for 2018. BNEF figures show the company has already secured 1.1 GW of green power this year, leading record corporate purchases. [pv magazine International]

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